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How to safely remove hangtags tutorial!

I don't know about you guys but, I tend to stuff my plushes into a space and worry about their hang tags getting messed up. I never remove them because it drastically affects their value in the future. Plus as a controlling/complusive person, something being in a "incomplete" state irks me. Which is why I came up with a way of safely removing hangtags so they can be re-attached later on! YAY!!! GO EVIL THOUGHTS

So, to my knowledge every single hang tag has this same exact method of attaching the artwork to the tush tag.
It is a clear long plastic piece with one end having a "male adapter" while the other end has a "female adapter"
The male adapter has a long point end with two flared pieces protruding from the end, while the female adapter is a tube shape with a circular piece of plastic in the middle which allows the male adapter to enter but not exit.

I won't show a picture of the "female adapter since its hard to see and will most likely confuse everybody anyways. BUT this is the MALE adapter. Once it enter the female adapter the two flared pieces trap it inside. While you could simply get a pair of plieres and rip it out, it simply won't work. You'll be able to re-attach it but the hang tag will be fairly loose and may fall off. So what you want to do and please if your young or a shakey indivdual, get help or have a first-aid kit handy. You're going to need an X-acto knife or anything that is very thin to do this job.
While the hang tag is still in place get your knife and place it inbetween the FLARED male adapter parts and the female adapter. Push the male adapter to one side of the tube and with the blade push on the flared male adapter part and pull up on the female adapter tube part. What you are doing is pushing the female tube over the flared male part which allows it to fully pass without getting stopped. Now usually just getting one of the flared parts over is enough but sometimes you have to try on the other side too. I know this may not be the clearest but I'm trying to give you guys the basic idea :D Just take your time and you'll figure it out. FYI your fingers will get tired doing this. When that happens STOP so you wont hurt yourself. Hangtag art is not worth a medical bill or an owwee
I went and re-did this on my mega-pikazard to show you that noting gets damages and to re-attach you simply put the male adapter into the female adapter. Easy as 1-2-3
To all my American friends I hope you had a great 4th and to everybody I hope you appreciate my first tutorial I think everyone should know of. Because we all deserve mint items ; 3; And if you have any questions, PLEASE message me so I can help you. I really don't want you getting hurt. (or the plushies)
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