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Grassy gets, and a grail among them!

Hello guys :)
I've not posted anything in ages, and been feeling very lazy lately - it's so freaking hot in Germany right now ;A;

Anyway, actually already more than a week ago, something amazing arrived in the mail :) - A grassy little grail of mine <3

Without further ado, and this time no hiding behind the cut ~

Meet my new friend whom I waited so long for - SCEPTILE POKEDOLL! <333

I am sooo happy I finally got a Sceptile Pokedoll ;w; Just look at him!
The lovely ville_valo gave me an amazing deal on him and look, she even put two of my favorite Pokemon of all time on the package <33

First off, here's a little story time: Actually, there is not really a story lol because I actually never really actively looked for Sceptile. He was on my wants list and especially with me falling in love with the Treecko line due to ORAS and Sceptile advancing to be one of my favorite Pokemon, he had reached mini grail status. However, I knew that he would probably take a while until he popped up and I knew I couldn't spend too much money, so I postponed the active search for him and since I hate auctions and the pressure coming along with them, I just thought to myself I will wait and seize the chance whenever one comes along but I won't stress myself over it. Then, my dear friend latias_latios_7 informed me about the sales post with him and I got him for about 2/3 of the price he normally tends to go for nowadays! It was funny because Rachel and I actually managed to get both our graily Sceptiles at the same time :D Thank you so much once again, Rachel, for letting me know about Sceptile, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have him now ;w;

So now here are some more pictures of this glorious green gecko! <333

He has a quite big butt xD

Honestly, this plush is sooo amazing ;O; I am so in love with him <3 I am amazed at his quality, especially the tail. Tbh, I don't think the newer Pokedolls will ever get to that level of quality again, unless they change their principles. If you are also bugged by the apparently constant use of single fabric pieces instead of double-layered ones and simplified single-layered (glued on) parts for details etc. then you should have a look at Sceptile and see how well a Pokedoll can actually be made - even the arm leaves AND claws are double-layered and really sturdy. This is just amazing and so detailed. Say anything you want about old "retro" stuff but Sceptile is just one example of the quality of older Pokedolls.

My second recent get was another grassy cutie :>
Just a little hint:

It's a cute little Bellsprout! <33 ;w;
Look at how adorable she is *O* This is the Bellsprout Burger King plush. I fell in love with Bellsprout and Weepinbell and decided to start new side collections for them!
So I had to get this cutie of course - Weepinbell Burger King plush is on her way too but since German post is striking, it's taking ages ;_: I both got them for really cheap on German ebay.
They are genereally regarded as derpy, but tbh, I think they are far less derpy than the other BK plush and actually, aside from the low quality fabric, they are great plush! They are a little derpy, but also incredibly cute ^u^

Here is my little Bellsprout with two figures I made myself for my newly started side collection :) Grassy flower family snuggling and kissing session <33

I made a few more pics of my figures - I wanted to make the cutest Bellsprout there is and maybe I succeeded? :D Idk, but I think it's pretty cute n_n
I was inspired for my Weepinbell a bit by caffwin's Weepinbell figure, especially the mouth.

And to end this post, here is another photo of Bellsprout BK plush and baby Bellsprout snuggling :)

Thanks everyone for reading and watching ^_^/
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