m14mouse (m14mouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection update+My little Weedle has a present for you!+Wants

First off...my weedle has a present that he wants to share with you....

 photo weedlecookie_zpsghdixct4.jpg

A COOKIE! ^__^ I think he turned out to be adorable. I am using a Satin glaze which I love. Not too gloss and not to matte.

Here is a side view of the little guy. SO MUCH CUTENESS! I will be good now. I promise...maybe.

 photo weedlecook_zpshkcmgvgl.jpg

Sleeping Sewaddle: At first, I wasn't too happy how it turned out. His little blanket collapse during the baking progress. Although, now...looking at it....I thinking that I am going to make a leaf boat for him. But the more I look at it, the more it makes me smile. He curl up in my hand and snoring away. :)

 photo sew2_zpskoufbezi.jpg

 photo sew_zpsezrahdfx.jpg

Next month: Sleeping hippo pokemon...because I can. xD

Surprise by no weedle update here? There will be one next month. I am getting quite a few weedle items in. So, I am going wait until there.

A mostly complete Seedot line! Beside the clear kid figures and TCG figure, I am pretty much done with my seedot collection -is sad- There is always flats and customs!! As you can see that, I finally got a Seedot custom done. HE IS SO CUTE!

 photo upseed3_zps28hgwp6h.jpg

 photo upseed2_zpsrbqcczvy.jpg

 photo upseed_zpsrrgu84vo.jpg

Zigzagoon line falls in category as my seedot line....few items here and there but mostly complete. You also see one add to my Pancham line...a little metal figure. XD

 photo updatezig_zpshhusewvz.jpg


Why yes...I have a lot of Seedot line flats...XD Working on my third page.

 photo stickers_zps641cpp0d.jpg

Tarot Cards...I think that I am going to move them to my scrapbook soon but...
 photo cards_zpscoobteug.jpg

Coins: I am getting an empoleon one soon. -is excited!

 photo coins_zpsxxcrv8bf.jpg

And of course, my new wants page. ^__^  photo newwants_zps21g4xh4q.jpg

Questions: How do you guys display your coins? I am going to revamp my tradelist to add pictures. Would you guys prefer it in order by type or series like Primal Clash etc?
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