SK (skdarkdragon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Carnival Pikachu Goods Available for Claims

Hi all! Thanks to moonlightpkmn's excellent Merch Roundup Post, I realized I completely missed the Carnival Pikachu Goods announcement! I've added all of those items to my Claims Post, so you can add them to your existing claims orders if you want. :) All the claims for Ninetales and Sleepy Vaporeon plush are full, but everything else is still available for now if you missed the original post.

Payment information for the 6/24 Secret Base order will be coming tomorrow/Tuesday. Look out for the comments with your total!

Carnival Pikachu5=6.jpg Carnival Pikachu5.jpg
Carnival Pikachu2.jpgCarnival Pikachu1.jpg
Tags: pikachu, sales
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