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Kirsty's Giant 2YR Anniversary Post/Update/Sales

I have got UPDATES OUT THAT WAZOO, folks!
Be ready because this post is going to be loooong


First thing's first, another year has flown by and It's my 2nd anniversary with the PkmnCollectors community

My name is
(My former name with the community was 'kirstingent' but I changed it a few months ago)
I'm 24 years old. I'm a news reporter for a radio station and also work in integrated media (video, graphics, etc). I just recently moved to my first apartment in Indianapolis. I have pink hair and love anything bright, girly, cute and fluffy.
Classic story: I caught the Poke-bug when the craze swarmed the US in the late 90's. I stopped playing in high school when I developed a busy schedule and social life, but then picked the games back up in college. Playing SoulSilver and Black really rejuvenated my love for the Pokemon universe. After I graduated, I bought a Vulpix plush with my tax refund. It just started snowballing after that. ^-^
I collect Vulpix, Pokedolls, ghost-types, and Pokemon Time straps. In addition to collecting, I play most traditional handheld Pokemon games. I haven't explored the Mystery Dungeon games yet. I also play classic Nintendo 64 games. I'm a big fan of Pokemon fanart, and follow a lot of artists online.

My favorite Pokemon are:

Vulpix, Cinccino & Jigglypuff are my top tier

I run a Vulpix fan blog: 037 Vulpix
I reblog and post a lot of Vulpix merchandise and fanart. It's maintained daily!

Next, here's a long overdue update from me as a comm member:

1) I've moved! Some of you may remember me mentioning it before.
2) I was already weeding down my collection because I a) need the money and b) don't have space. I have made the decision to stop collecting Jigglypuff. I'm a very picky collector and honestly... I'm just not impressed by like 75% of Jiggly's official merch. I'm keeping a few key pieces of my collection, but almost all of it is for sale. I'm slowly picking apart my Pokedoll collection, but I keep adding to it, so I feel like I have a little bit of balance there.
3) I have -really- cut down my buying. Living on my own means that I don't have money. (It's funny because I say that and yet I continue to buy a bunch of stuff I don't need...) I'm trying to get ahold of my spending. Of course, I'll have to buy at least three of the previewed Vulpix Pokemon Center plush... probably a Ninetales too.
4) Because of my terrible terrible studio apartment walls, I'm struggling to hang things. I'm amazed I was able to hang shelves. But I can't manage to get pushpins in the walls, they just keep bending or breaking. This means that a lot of my charms won't be displayed, which really bums me out. -_- Also I do not understand how my shelves appear to be like, sinking in the middle. They look like they're bending but they're not, I swear...

So let's get to my collection:

My main two shelves, which hang above my bed - Pokedolls, Vulpix, Ghost-types (and bonus Mew); Right now this is the only setup I have. I will probably have to look into adding a shelf somewhere around this setup, because I know that I'm going to buy at least two, probably three, of the upcoming Vulpix PC plush.

My super cute shelf that hangs above my computer - The cutest of cuties sit right where I can look at them all the time... I'm going to try to figure out a way to hang my Pokemon Time strap collection underneath this shelf. Hopefully I can work something out.

Next, I have lots of exciting gets from the past few months:

Raichu Pkmn Center plush - I just love Raichu and I couldn't pass this guy up. He guards my laundry quarters in my Pokeball bank.

Jigglypuff Amiibo - I could go on and on about how happy I am that I actually landed one of these. First of all, I freaking waited in line the day they were released. They sold out within the line. I then tried at two more stores to pick one up, to no avail. A lovely comm member tipped me off that the Target website had a few of them available for purchase, AND I GOT ONE! I'm so thrilled that I got one for store price and didn't have to pay scalping scumbags! O3O

Clefairy & Totodile Secret Base dolls - GAH THESE ARE SO DARLING... It was so difficult to resist buying all of the releases! But I decided I'd control myself and only buy the two that I deemed the cutest. I was so happy about the Johto releases... after all, the Johto region is my favorite and SoulSilver is my favorite game. I'm thrilled about the idea that they'd continue to release all of the Secret Base dolls and I've got my fingers crossed for a Jigglypuff!

Unofficial Vulpix Pokemon Time dice pouch by SoapyBacon - I just stumbled upon this on Tumblr and swooped in like a vulture to purchase it before anyone else had the chance >:) It's beautifully made and it's fairly big... I'm keeping miscilaneous pieces to different Vulpix things in it. Take a look at SoapyBacon's store! They're extremely talented and make a lot of cute stuff!

Pokemon Time 1st Gen round tins - SHOUTOUT TO agui_chan THE MOST WONDERFUL PERSON ON THE PLANET. She very graciously offered to sell these to me after she acquired a mint-in-package set for herself. Unfortunately right now I don't have a very good way to display them so they're kinda tucked away... Ya know this set was released a really long time ago, but I still find it so funny and odd that they picked Vulpix to be the backs of these Starter tins.

Sylveon/Leafeon/Vaporeon Pokemon Time mascot plush - These are just too m u c h you guys... They're too dang ADORABLE. Ya know, I'm a big fan of the Pokemon Time designs and I knew they'd be at least sorta cute but these are TO DIE FOR. I could have bought all of them but I decided to stick to my favorite Eevs. (Except Espeon, because I wasn't a huge fan of the Espeon redesign.)

I did buy the entire set of the Eevee Pokemon Time strap release...

They're adorable! I'm very excited to hang them! Problem is... I don't know how to do it :\ I can't put pushpins in my walls without using a drill, and I can't put pushpins in my shelves. I need to figure out some kind of way to hang them all for display. If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears!

Here's my updated Pokemon Time strap collection chart

Here's an unmarked chart for anyone interested in using it

I've added A LOT OF STUFF to sales and updated prices -

Click any of the images or here to go to my sales!
Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 11/30/13 | Feedback

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