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First Ever Sales Post! Auction price starts at half of what it usually goes for!

Hello everyone! I was just granted sales permission yesterday so now I’ll be having my first ever sales post. I was thinking of giving these to the ones with the best offers but since it's very similar to an auction, I decided to auction these. I have checked the prices and most of the start prices are half of what they usually goes for (you can also check). I still lack a lot of art materials so the money I get will be spent on these such as airbrush needs, airbrush materials, specific types of clay, primer paint, air compressor parts and so on. I’m currently working on a commission and I don’t like accepting more than 1 commission at a time. Once I’m done with this I’ll be able to open up a slot. The art materials will be used to make special unique sculptures. You can also offer for a single plush or set. Alright, let’s get going with the auction sales!

I was granted sales permission on July 8, 2015 by skdarkdragon.

Sales Rules

  • Auctions will end on Saturday, 18 July 2015, 12:00:00 PM (Philippine Time). Countdown timer is here.

  • All community rules apply.

  • I will not sell to anyone banned from the community.

  • Prices are in USD.

  • I accept PayPal only.

  • I ship from the Philippines. I will ship item(s) in a day or two after payment is received via EMS by default. If I cannot do it due to external circumstances, I will inform you. EMS is one of the cheapest options yet still topnotch in safety and speed. Please head to the link below for EMS rates from the Philippines to your country. I can also ship via registered mail. If so, I'll have to check the post office for the actual prices. Also keep in mind that EMS changes rates without prior notice so the website prices are not always accurate. Last time I checked the prices went down.

  • phlpost (EMS)

  • Shipping and Paypal fees are not included in the price unless specified. Recycled materials will be used to pack the item(s). I will always make sure the recycled materials are more than good enough to withstand transit obstacles. In case you want a better option, additional fees will be added for the packaging materials.

  • Payment is due within 48 hours. Should there be any delay, please do talk to me about it

  • I ship internationally, or at least wherever country EMS is offering to deliver to. I will always ship through EMS by default. I am very familiar with the shipping process and fees because I have done it several times. I am only familiar with EMS, should you choose to have DHL, FEDEX, LBC or JRS or any other private logistics company operating in the Philippines, please do inform me, but do remember the prices are different.

  • Should you have any request or concern, please feel free to ask. Everything is transparent and make sure you ask everything before you buy as returns are not allowed.

  • Whoever comments first will get the most priority.

  • I can do holds for up to 24 hours.

  • Once the package is shipped I am no longer responsible for it. I am also not responsible for damaged goods. Rest assured, I will do my very best to package it nice and firm. You will also get tracking number if it’s available. I will provide photos of the package and official receipt as proof of shipping.

  • Haggling is permitted, but please be nice and mature. I always have the right to refuse anyone’s offer.

  • I have 2 dogs here at my place but they don’t even get close to my collections or things because my things are always kept in a clean attic.

  • I do reserve the right to stop the sales/auctions/offers due to personal reasons.

  • Bid increments by $1.

  • Feedback post is here.

Absol 2003 Japanese Pokedoll (Tush Tag only) – Starts at $100

Altaria 2004 Banpresto Plush (With Tags) – Starts at $50

Absol 2003 Banpresto Plush (Tush Tag only) – Starts at $100

Venusaur 1997 Banpresto Plush (Tush Tag only) – Starts at $25

Salamence 2004 Banpresto Plush (With Tags) – Starts at $25

Mew 2005 Banpresto Plush (One eyebrow is missing but this is a factory defect. I cannot trace any mark left that the eyebrow was removed. Another member here also got a mew with the same condition. With Tags) – Starts at $25

Oshowott MPC (Tush Tag only) – Starts at $5

Smeargle Friends Plush - Starts at $25

Entei Friends Plush – Starts at $30

Teddiursa Friends Plush – Starts at $25

Reversible Pokeball Plushies. – Starts at $50

Shipping costs update!
For those people who asked about cheaper shipping options, to prove that I am transparent and I am not getting a single cent from shipping cost, I took a picture of this. This is not EMS. For those who prefer EMS, head to the link above. For those who want something cheaper, click on the image below. Check the price based on the zone you belong to. The zone information is at the bottom. Please also check the prices for small packets, not letters. Prices can change without prior notice. Prices are in Philippine Peso so please Google the conversion. Thank you.

Approximate conversion of shipping prices to Europe and USA
Up to 20g - $0.77
21 to 50g - $1.77
51 to $100 - $3.54
101 to 250g - $8.85
251 to 500g - $17.82
501 to 1000g - $35.75
Each Additional 500g or less - $17.82

Thank you very much! Happy bidding!
Tags: absol, altaria, clefairy, entei, jigglypuff, mew, pikachu, poliwhirl, salamence, sandshrew, smeargle, teddiursa, togepi, venusaur
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