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Long time lurker, first time poster

Hi everyone!

Thanks for letting me join your awesome community! I've been lurking for a few months and I figured I might as well make an account! Might take me a little bit to get use to everything though so bare with me :)

But for starters here's what I have so far collection wise:
no title
If you can't tell Arcanine and Growlithe are my favs. Still can't believe they haven't made a decent Arcanine plush, I am hopeful tho!
Most of these guys were not easy to come by, but so worth it :D The bigger Arcanine is my very own custom, who still needs some work done lol
File Jul 08, 11 50 58 PM.jpeg
Here's the rest, most of these are Pokemon Center plushes with a few customs mixed in. The derpy Slowpoke is my own doing, Mew is a custom from etsy and the crochet Charmander is from a convention.

Can't wait to start adding to my collection (I still have 3 packages on the way containing some new friends ;] ) Thanks again for letting me come aboard! 
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