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Hey guys! Sorry I'm not too active, between commissions, splatoon, and waiting for packages, I haven't really had anything to post. I finally got everything I've been waiting for and I'm so excited!

Ahhh look at all the cute stuff I got recently! I've been waiting for the Gengar, Lopunny card sleaves, and Lopunny keychain thing(?) for quite a while. ;a;
First we have the new Leafeon I <3 Eevee plush. Just look how adorable it is. ;a; It's my 3rd favourite Leafeon plush behind the I <3 Eevee DX and the minky pokedoll.Next we have a custom Lopunny amigurumi by blupanther. It's super duper adorable, and even cuter in person. My lighting doesnt do it justice. I've been wanting a Buneary pokedoll for a while. It's so cute and just ugh it really makes my collection shine. My boyfriend bought it for me on yahoo japan along with a HUGE Squid Girl figure.
Now this next one is something I saw in another Lopunny collector's collection. I had no clue it existed and the only thing I know about it is that It was released in a promotion about pokemon that evolve through happiness. I was really surpriesed when I found it on yahoo japan. My boyfriend was quick to bid on it, around the same time he also bought the card sleves for me. Lastly is the Mega Gengar. I really really love shiny pokemon, so I've decided I wanted to collect the plushies. Unfortunately for me, my wallet, and my boyfriends wallet, there have been more shiny pokemon plushies released recently. He ended up buying me this one because it was the first one we knew about and Gengar is pretty awesome.

-Lopunny Stamp
-Mega Lopunny/Lopunny Bromide
-Lopunny Amada stickers
-Non TCG Lopunny cards (Also looking for the Lopunny Tarot cards)
-Lopunny Mega Stone
-Mega Lopunny charm set
-Shiny Buneary kid figure
-Custom Pokedoll
-Anything Lopunny
-Clear Buneary
-Also anything Buneary

Gimme dem bunbuns.
Tags: buneary, gengar, leafeon, lopunny, wants
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