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Big Collection Weeding Sales!!!

Hello everyone!!

This has been a MAJOR LONG TIME NO SEE! I haven't posted on here in forever, probably in way over a year, and even then that was possibly my first post in about a year!

I'm here today with some huge collection weeding sales, of things I used to collect hardcore, but have been sat in storage for a long, long time with moving/etc and I would rather they go to a loving home!

I'm selling things such as:

  • My Riolu collection

  • Infernape items

  • Mamoswine items

  • Gible items

  • Pansage items

  • Liepard items

  • Axew line items

  • Ambipom items

  • Carnivine items

  • Kid figures

  • Tomy figures

  • AND MORE, including a movie theatre exclusive!


  • Payment is by Paypal only

  • I was granted sales permission way back in 2009 by denkimouse

  • I ship from the UK and hope to be able to ship out 5-7 days after payment. Please understand that just buying a $0.50 figure alone will really not be worth your time when shipping costs are added.

  • Haggling is acceptable, moreso if you're buying large amounts of items

  • I reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone.

  • Trades/partial trades are not excepted apart from for a standard Sylveon Tomy and/or Kid figure.


Regular kid figure: $2
Attack kid figure (I believe it's double hit): $3
Clear kid figure: $4

Chou Get: $2
Tomy Figure: $5
Jakks Figure: $6

Jakks Pokeball Figure: $5
Styrofoam Standee: $2

Pokedex Charms (x2) One is attached to the backing, the other is just in the packaging: $4 ea/$6 together
Paper Standee: Free with any purchase
Metal Coin: $1
Stamp: $2


Chou get: $2 ea

Chimchar and Monferno Zukan pieces - $1.50 ea

Keychain figures: $5 each.
One comes with a string to attach to phones, the other is more like a keychain and comes with a plastic flame. The figures are identical however!

Jakks figure: $5
Plamo figure: $4
DX Kid: $6

I've completely blanked on the name of this figure line, it has something to do with Poses and each came with a card and ramune candy similar to kid figures. $3
Promotional Movie Car figure from 7/11 $4
Attack Kid $3


Kid figure $2
Clear kid fig
Figure $3
Keshipoke $3

More Gible further down:

Attack kid (Take down): $3
Chou Get: $2
Stamp: $3


Ice Plate Arceus Zukan - SOLD
Ice Plate Arceus Chou Get: $4


Drillbur zukan piece + base: $1.50
Drillbur attack kid figure (dig): $2

DX kid figure: $5
Kid figure: $2
Attack kid figure (Drill run I believe) $2


There are a few other items further down for these two Pokemon.

Can badge: $3.50
Pokedex charms NIP: $6.50


Kid figure: $2
Clear kid figure: $3
Variant kid figure, I believe this came with the Dento kid figure: $2.50
Attack kid figure (grass know): $2.50

Movie promo 7/11 car - $3
Chupa chup figure (I think) (He has slightly misprinted eyes, so they are looking sideways instead of forward, I think it's cute!) $2.50

Simisage Zukan piece and base: $1


Axew kid figure: $2
Axew clear kid figure: $3
 Axew Variant pose kid figure: $3
Axew attack kid figure (dragon pulse) $3
Fraxure kid figure: $2
Haxorus attack kid figure (dragon pulse) $3

Axew and Scraggy car movie promo figures from 7/11: $3

Scraggy has a few marks:

Entire plamo line, already constructed, stickers peeling in places: $5

Axew chou get: $2 ea

Axew keyring figures

The first is a gacha figure, and is missing the chain: $1
The middle is the same as the one of the right, however is missing it's chain: $1
Right figure with chain: $2

Haxorus DX kid figure: $4


Mamoswine Zukan figures

4 of these are European, which have shinier plastic, 1 is Japanese, which is matte.
Each $5

Stamps $2 ea
Jakks figure $4
Tomy figure $3

Regular kid figure (x2): $1.50
Attack kid figure (Ice fang): $2.50
Clear kid figure: $2

Chou get: $2
European Hasbro (I think) figure: $3
UK Gacha keychain: $1.50
Keshipoke: $7
Chupa chup figure: $3

UK Candy figure: $3
I can't remember what this is, possible Japanese version of the European figure in the above picture? $3
Pose figures (x2) $2 ea

Platinum chou get with no base: $0.50

Swinub, Piloswine and Mamoswine line pokedex charms: $8


Dice (featuring multiple Gen 4 Pokemon): $2.50
Stamp: $2
Megablok: $5
Stamps: $2 ea
Paper standee: $1

Coin: $1
Mini Bento Box: $2
Pull string..thing, I don't know what these are called. They have a belt clip and you can attach something to the keyring at the end for easy access and so you don't lose whatever is attached: $2

Mysterious Pokedex figure. In all my years of collecting, I never found out what this figure was, or what the line was! : $3.50

Gacha strap figures

As you can see, the first two are missing arms! Thus are free with any purchase
The right one has no strap: $1

Chou get figures (with base) $2 ea
Platinum without base: $0.50
Regular without base and tail: $0.50

Gacha figure, UK version with miscoloured arms $1.50
Riolu and Chimchar pen cap: $1
Jakks figure with base: $5
Jakks figure: $4.50

Keychain figure: $3
Screencleaner: $2.50
Chain figure: $2.50
Chain figure without chain (arguably much cuter) $1.50

Clear kid figure (x1) : $3
Kid figure: $2

Tomy figure: $3

Metal figures $1 ea.
2x Gold
1x Silver
3x Bronze


Emolga Kid: $2
Zorua Kid: $2

Pansear attack kid figure (fire blast) $3

Meloetta Aria Forme Attack Kid Figure (Relic Song): $3
Meloetta Pirouette Forme Kid Figure : $3

Black Kyurem Kid figure: $3
Black Kyurem Attack Kid figure (Activating it's ability I believe) $3
White Kyurem kid figure: $3
White Kyurem Attack Kid Figure (Activating it's ability I believe) $3

Reshiram Attack Kid figure (Fusion Flare) $3
Kyurem Attack Kid Figure (Glaciate) $3
Zekrom Attack Kid Figure (Fusion Bolt) $3

Keldeo Kid figure: $3
Keldeo Resolute Forme Kid figure: $4
Keldeo Resolute Forme Attack Kid Figure (Sacred Sword) $4

Thunderus Therian Forme Kid Figure: $3
Landorus Therian Forme Kid Figure: $3
Tornadus Therian Forme Kid Figure: $3

Panpour kid figure: $1.50
Panpour attack kid figure (water gun) : $1.50
Piplup Kid figure: $2
Seismitoad kid figure: $1.50
Wailord kid figure: $3

Trubbish kid figure: $1.50
Deerling Summer kid figure: $1.50
Flygon kid figure: $2.50
Roserade kid figure: $1.50
Snivy attack kid figure (leaf tornado) $2

Emboar kid figure: $1.50
Corphish kid figure: $1.50
Audino kid figure: $1.50
Unfezant kid figure: $1.50
Zoroark pearlescent kid figure (I believe this was exclusive to Pokemon Fan magazine not too long after Zoroark's reveal?) $4

Meinshao Kid figure: Unavailable
Herdier kid figure: $1.50
Mareep kid figure: $1.50
Rufflet kid figure: $1.50
Altaria kid figure: $1.50
Stunfisk attack kid figure (Mud bomb) $2

Emolga Attack kid figure (attract) $2
Scraggy attack kid figure (karate chop) $2
Elgyem kid figure $1.50
Terrakion kid figure $2.50
Zebstrika attack kid figure (Wild charge) $2.50


This is a movie theatre exclusive card binder from way back when the Arceus movie first came out in Japan! It has never been used! - $15 obo

Iris stickers: $2.50
Liepard iPhone charm NIP: $6
Skyla card sleeves, this is not a full packet, though I believe only 1 or 2 are missing: $5

Victini Zukan piece and base :$2.50
Dratini + Dragonair zukan pieces: $2.50
Purrloin zukan piece: $1
Oshawott TCG figure: $3

Petilil can badge: $2

Gible kid $1.50
Swinub zukan piece: $0.50
Thank you all for reading!!

P.s. as I'm not hugely active on Livejournal, anyone who wants to still keep in touch from the comm can find me on Twitter where I am super active (@daveygranger)
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