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I cannot believe it, but today I held in my hands a grail I have wanted for approx 10 years. I'm not going to waste time yapping on, lets get started!!! Click on the cut to see!!

So I got a HUGE. HUGE box in the mail today. So heavy!

As you can see, little Entei friends plush looks even smaller! Let's get this baby opened up!

WHAT ??? COULD IT BE.........


YES. IT IS. It is the Entei TOMY FIGURE!!!! As everyone knows Tomys are among the hardest to get a hold of, especially the Entei figure. Only several hundred thousand of these figures were ever produced and they were ONLY sold in stores and online.

Just look at that brown paint!!! Those paws!!! EVERYTHING. Ten years of dreaming of holding this figure in my arms. All worth it. I do not feel comfortable saying how much I paid for it. It may not be the best price but honestly I WOULD pay it again. I will be living on noodles and rice for the next few months though!!!!!!!!!

Its honestly SO beautiful. And to think I am one of a few hundred thousand who will ever know this joy. It brings tears to my eyes

I look at this photo collages I made from my photos I took and honestly just feel this... comfort come over me. I can't explain it. I'm sure any collector here that has also got their grail knwos this feeling. I don't know what more I can say. The photos speak for themselves.


Oh yeah there was something else in the box too...

Giant Pokemon Center Entei plush!!! Although not as rare as the tomy figure, I have wanted him for indeed 10 years. I saw him on DeviantArt back almost when I first started using the internet and I dreamt of owning him ever since. I really did believe I would NEVER own him. But here we are! I actually had not personally seen an auction for him in those 10 year. Maybe it just wasn't meant to be. But I never found any and I actually didn't find this one either. stalkingsuicune here in the comm linked me over the auction as soon as it went up. I am in the UK and it was listed on, so I cannot search US only listings. Despite him being a .com only listing, the seller still shipped to the uk!

Some of you may have seen a post I put up a few weeks ago about wanting to contact someone who was sold a giant Lugia. Well it was because I won the Entei! I really REALLY did not think this Entei would be here, or if he even existed!! I bid on the auction as soon as I was linked to it. The auction still had 4 days left. 1 day for ending the seller ends it early. I get a message saying it has been ended but not cancelled, so I am technically the "winner." I actually tried to pay it immediately, figuring if I paid it would be harder for them to weasel out on me. But I couldn't, the seller had to send me a total for shipping costs. I message the seller immediately asking what is going on and to invoice me asap. Nothing is heard for about 4 hours later when I randomly get the invoice through. Perhaps stupidly I paid it right away. I was so committed to this plush I did not care risking it for him. I messaged the seller asking why he ended the auction early, no reply. In fact, I never again heard from the seller. All that happened was a few days later I get a "marked as shipped" notification and boom, here we are. Entei!!!

Worried by the seller, I used the email linked to their paypal to see who they were. I found their facebook and actually found out about the plush. Entei (and the Lugia also sold by this person) were bought by them first hand as little kids when on holiday in New York at the Pokemon Center when it launched. They were purchased and almost immediately put in a closet, never to be looked at again. Then this person apparently saw some viral image about the plush and their worth and put them up for sale. When his mint with tags and Pikachu-still-on-neck Lugia got a bid for $1000 he made a status saying he couldn't believe how much he had got. Little did he know he could of made so much more! But he seemed happy with the prices and very unaware of how low they were which explains why he ended the auctions so early. Lugia still had a week left! Whoever won that Lugia - congrats to you! :)

ANYWAY!!! Here is my absolutely gorgeous Entei. He means the world to me, he really does.

Here he is with the PakiPaki plush.

The biggest plush with the smallest plush!!!

Biggest paws with the smallest paws!!

His feet are pretty dirty from all that fleeing! Does anyone have any tips for cleaning him? Same for his cloud!

His wings are a little bent out of shape too. Again, any advice is appreciated!

Here is an unboxing video!

His name is Kolby! Not any meaning to it, I just like it and I feel it suits him! So there you have it. Not much more to add. I, like many other fans of Entei, have very personal reasons for attaching to this character so I am sure many others can relate to the joy I am feeling right now. I now have every Entei plush except the shiny pokedoll which I'm sure I will get in time. So yeah, thank you from the bottom of my heart to stalkingsuicune for thinking of me and making this all come true, and Kolby says hello to everyone on the comm and all the other giants out there!
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