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DX Pokedoll wants !

Hi! I'm gonna try to make this as quick as possible. ;)
One of my collection shelves needs help. It needs two 12" plushies to support the other pokedolls. I was considering the DX espeon + umbreon, but I think they're a bit too small.
Then I came across some big & beautiful DX pokedolls on Google - POKEPARK DX POKEDOLLS!!! <3 I'm mostly interested in Jirachi and Mew. They are just adorable and they seem to have the height that I'm looking for.
So I'm wondering; how much should I expect to pay for a PokePark DX Pokedoll? Are they made of minky? Are there any other pokes from this line? Which ones are the cheapest? x)
Please feel free to show me any other DX pokedolls, whether they're from the Pokemon Center, PokePark, or handmade! My smaller/faceplanting pokedolls really need support and I really would like to own a DX Pokedoll. They're too cute. Any help is super appreciated. My next post won't be so boring, I swear! :)
Take a look at my full WANTS LIST.

~~*I am desperately looking to buy a Pokemon Time Sylveon tshirt!!!*~~ I am willing to pay up to $40 shipped!
Found! :) :)
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