Junie (shinybanettes) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Piplup DS Stylus??

Hello community!! I was just wondering, if anyone has a Piplup DS stylus?? owo Is there one that looks similar to this?:

If not, I'll probably be ok with any other kind of Piplup stylus (I'd like to see pictures of it first though to see what it looks like) Also, I plan on making a birthday gets post pretty soon!! I haven't gotten all my items yet, but once I have most of them (I ordered stuff from YJ so that probably won't be included since it will take a while to get here) I'll make a gets post!! I'll probably do a collection post as well soon after. And another thing, I'm still looking for my grail which is the 1:1 soothe bell Victini plush!! If anyone has one they'd be willing to sell that'd be great ;w;
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