bulbybulbasaur (bulbybulbasaur) wrote in pkmncollectors,

more art & pokedoll trade

I received two more of my art trades in the mail today, MUST SHARE! :D

EDIT/ADD: To everyone who I have traded with and have received art from, I have left feedback in regards to our trade ^^ Thank you everyone, you all are so very talented!

The first one I opened was from luckymissclover!

I adore this sooo sooo sooo much!! I cannot get enough of Bulbasaur and even more so, I cannot ever have enough candy myself. If I were a Bulbasaur this is exactly what I would be up to. This is perfect <3

Thank you ohhhh sooo much for this lovely piece of art <33333 ^^

Next up is from thedaftlynx!

OHHHHHHMYYYYYYGOOOODNESSSS!!! <33333 This is just the absolute cutest Bulbasaur I have ever seen!!! This is by far WAY more than I was ever expecting.

Thank you thank you thank you for taking your time to make this piece. I am absolutely in love with it <333333 :D

OH! And look how cute the package tape was! I didn't know Pokemon tape existed, so cute!

To the trade! Same Ho-Oh Pokedoll up for trade. Still seeking a Venusaur Pokedoll in exchange, but I am open to more things at this point. I would rather help someone else out if I can. ^^

Thank you all for reading and sharing my exciting trading experiences! (/^▽^)/
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