jheila (jheila) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Plush re-do! Pokemon Time bedsheets!

The bedsheets came in, and they fit perfectly! Yay! The pillow case even fit my big pillow!
Only disapointment? They're thin The one that goes on top is just as thin as the one that goes around the mattress. For 200, I guess I expected more, but hey! They're adorable!!!

Just look at these sleepy cuties!

The bed is back with all it's plushie cuteness! I still have my glaceons and oshawotts, but there's just no room!

Here's my lil'favorites corner, featuring some customs and the talking plush!

then we... just have a giant fairy mess cohosted by yveltal.

Followed by more plush madness with a photobombing torchic

And then we have the big plush on the plush net! Along with some flying fairies o(*>ω<*)o

Quick question time! If you were to get a lifesize plush, say one that's over 3 feet, where would you put it? I would have them as couch buddies my self!
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