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Plush Commissions Round 12

Hey everyone, it's been some time since I opened slots for my commissions, and since some of you had expressed an interest while I was finishing up the last round, I figured I would present the opportunity for some of you all to grab a slot. =0w0= Now, I'm not opening as many slots as I usually do this time around due to my full-time job being very demanding, but anyone who was looking to get one of my plush, come have a look at my samples and I can give you a quote. ;D Follow the cut for more details please! =^w^=

.:*:. I was granted sales permission on 06/27/2009 from lineaalba
Community Feedback

.:*:. I ship internationally, I'm from the US, and my home is smoke/pet free.
.:*:. I would prefer paypal payments, (if that's inconvenient for you, message me and we could work something out), please no gift paypal payments.
.:*:. If you really want a plush but it's a bit pricey, payment plans are available.
.:*:. I will require the plush fee in full, or if you need a payment plan, just ask ;D whichever is easier for you.
.:*:. If you want your plush a certain way like with an accessory or in a particular pose, just ask! ;D There isn't any extra charge for something special =^^=
.:*:. Do you make your plush different art styles like pokemon time and pokedolls? Of course, you only need ask ;D
.:*:. Also, if you guys wouldn't mind letting me know when you receive your plushies, that would be wonderful!

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Recent Examples are here:

About these plush
.:*:. These plush range in size, they can be anywhere from 5" to 12" depending on the pokemon.
.:*:. These plush usually don't weigh more than 5 or 7 ounces, so shipping is generally only a few dollars depending on your location.
.:*:. These plush are made with yarn, stuffing, and a crochet hook.
.:*:. Price range is from $25 - $50 depending on which pokemon you get.
.:*:. Please Note: There are two payments; the initial plush payment and the shipping payment after the completion of your plush.
.:*:. One slot/plush per person please <3~

1. mizunosakura: Mega Audino - complete
2. m14mouse: Weedle - complete
3. synysterxskittl: Sleeping Espeon w/ mini Solrock - HOLD
4. synysterxskittl: Sleeping Umbreon w/ mini Lunatone - HOLD
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