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quick wants update + question about a figure

hello everyone! i've gotten back into the swing of collecting and as such am on the lookout for a few items right now! i'll be making a permanent wants post soon but between work and apartment hunting i haven't had the chance to!

edit: the images should be working now ;__;

first thing's first - jakks latias! i am on the hunt for the solid colored version as shown here.

there is currently one accessible for me to buy on toywiz, but i don't want to pay $30 in shipping for such a small figure ;__; if anyone has one in their sales or has one they are willing to part with, please let me know! my latios jakks has been without his other half for years now D:

these are still available on ebay for a fair price so they're not a big want right now, but if anyone is selling a set of my dearest latios/latias mugs i'd be interested. i want a set to display and a set for my partner and i to use when we move in together so i'll need two altogether!

i've begun collecting the TCG again and i've included wants (near mint to mint, please!) from roaring skies (i nearly have a complete set and these are the only cards i'm missing aside from one of the SRs)

old school exes

secret rares (VS seeker from roaring skies and SR mega ray from bandit ring)

as well as my current card grail, latios ☆ from ex deoxys. this card isn't too hard to find on the internet but it is very pricey and if anyone is selling one for below $100 i'd be very interested!

as for harder to find, slightly less accessible items (we're going into semi-grail and grail territory here!), i am also still on the lookout for the DX TOMY figures, which seem to be fairly elusive!

also, my biggest grail for the moment (and the figure i have a question about) is of course the giant latios electronic figure

for anyone who owns this: have you put batteries in it to see what it does? does it make sounds? there's not a lot of information about this figure and while i'm dying to get my hands on it, i also want to know a bit more about it since it doesn't show up too often (the picture linked is a mib one i lost on y!j about 3 months ago)

i'll also be interested in any other latios and latias items such as straps, charms, metal figures and other misc things you might have to offer (flats are not my priority right now but i will take a look at them)! i'm moving into a new apartment in late august and will be able to display my collection properly, so look out for a collection post in the near future :)


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