rarity_skye (rarity_skye) wrote in pkmncollectors,

GB Canvas Eevees are here!

image (25).jpeg
They have arrived! natsu_neko, basketbears, nidoqueen_pug They where so cute i wanted to do a little photo story with them. But conditions first. They're not that bad as far as smell goes. Mine cleaned out fairly quickly. They really only smell when you have your face in the direct vicinity of them. leafeon has a standing issue. Talk about bow legged. Umbreons tag is probably the worst as far as bends. The tags all just a tiny bit off color but mostly in acceptable condition. Jolteons dity spot is by far the most noticable. Hopfully they should be shipped out today or tomarrow!^^
Now i wanted to make a small photo story with them because i thaught it would be cute cx

Nosey eevees have found the box!

They're curious to see whats inside.

Freinds! Friends! Lots of new friends!

We regret to inform you that we must be off. We have somewhere to be.

I have tickets to the UK! I can't wait to see my new home!

We also can't stay but if you want to visit we're only 10 mins away!

I guess we dont have new freinds after all. But wait...

we do have new friends! Welcome home new friends!
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