SweetKumiho (cupcakebullets) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Some Sales! Pokedolls, Cheapies, and more!

Hello! Today I come to you with a few more sales! :D

Sales Policies:
- Sales Permission Granted on March 14, 2015 by areica96
- My feedback is http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/cupcakebullets/
- All community rules apply

- Shipping:
- Shipping is from Pennsylvania USA
- Shipping Prices are not included in prices.
- Will Ship International. *International Shipping Starts at $8 and goes up.
- Fees and shipping are not included in the prices.
- Shipping will be via USPS First Class in a poly Mailer.
- If you would like priority or a Box please ask! :D
- I usually ship 1-3 days after payment. (Shipping Days are: Monday, Tuesday and Saturday.)
- I am Not responsible for any lost packages.
- I will always add tracking for your safety and mine.
- Shipping Starts at a base price of $3.00 and goes up depending on weight.

- Prices and commitment:
- Haggling is okay within reason!
- Prices are in US Dollars
- Paypal only.
- Payment is due within 48 hours of committing to an item
- Will hold items for 48 hours unless otherwise discussed.
- Please Clarify if you are just asking for a quote or Committed.
- Items are on a first come basis.(Commitments over quotes.)

- attn;
- There are Cats in the home but do not go near items. Please take note if you have allergies.
- Items are second hand but always thoroughly cleaned.
- Items are stored in a air tight tote.

06 JPN Piplup Pokedoll- sold
07 JPN glaceon pokedoll- $25
09 reg jpn pokedoll -$12
09 jpn Pokemon center arceus-$25
Pokemon Center Pika- sold
JPN Darkrai Pokedoll-$15 (faded tush tag)
DX Shimmery Arceus Banpresto MWT- $25
Large Shimmery Pika MWT- $20
MIB pika Strap- $10
Large Tomy Talking Snivy-$20
Banpresto Pansage and Poke Cen Treeko MWT- $10
The Rest $6
Electrode $5
The Rest $3 each
Jiggly and wigglytuff sold

Tags: arceus, chansey, darkrai, electrode, pikachu, piplup, pokedolls, pokemon center, tomy, treeko
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