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Trading Figure Game complete collection hunt!

Hey everyone! I've been collecting the TFG for over 2 years now and I'm getting really close to completing all 3 sets including the promos! But at this rate the figures are so scarce I need help from the community in order to find any more of them if I have any hope of completing the entire TFG set. If anyone is able to help me find any new figures or have any of theirs to sell on my list below it'd be greatly appreciated! Below the cut I have compiled every TFG figure together into one giant image! Then below that is my personal checklist.


Here they all are! Every single TFG. On the left we have Next Quest including the crystal and pearl figures (which I'm personally not collecting). In the middle we see the Groundbreakers. On the right we have the unnamed third set, and on the far right we have the promos.

Now for my checklist, there are dark dots showing which figures I own. Grey dots mean I'm looking for replacements. And of course nothing means I'm hunting that figure!


Next Quest COMPLETE!

Groundbreakers I'm searching for: Girafarig, Lapras, Mankey, Smoochum, Spinda, Xatu, Zubat, Koga, and Sabrina

Third Set I'm looking for: Haunter, Marshtomp, Mew, Minun, Plusle, Sneasel, Tyrogue, Whismur, and Erika

Promos I'm searching for: Palkia

Nonpriority figures I'm looking for replacements of are: Kabuto (mine is a well made fake), Dialga (the seller glued a bottlecap version to a TFG base to trick me), Sean (mine is damaged with no base), and Judge (mine has no base).

I've typed this thing 7 times now cause LJ and firefox keep crashing so I'm having a terrible day so far. Fingers crossed though hoping that someone out there can make it better by helping me find some of these final TFG figures!

For more info on the figures I have check out my video series on the TFG here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCs2vAF5mWPUIDhiOK24ciMfNu3357i1K

Huge thanks to anyone who can help me out!

Tags: dialga, girafarig, haunter, kabuto, lapras, mankey, marshtomp, mew, minun, palkia, plusle, smoochum, sneasel, spinda, tyrogue, whismur, xatu, zubat
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