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Last 4 Figures?

Hello, community. ~
I've gotten to the point where I think I'm down to the last four figures of Umbreon I need to complete my collection. (the figure part, at least.)

I'm pretty sure I've got them all--but I could be wrong! So please take a look under the cut and tell me what you think. :D
Please note that I'm not including figure keychains!

I'm also looking for the release years of the Chou Get figures and the Zukan set.

Okay, so these are all of the ones I have so far:
2000 Bandai Kid Figure
2000 Bandai Battle Museum Figure
2005 Bandai TM Pencil Topper Figure (on its way to me)
2007 Bandai Attack Kid Figure
2009 Takara Tomy Chupa Chups Figure
2010 Jakks Pacific Pose-able Figure
2010 Pokémon Center Keshipoke Figure
2011 Takara Tomy Figure
2012 Bandai Kid Figure
2012 Bandai Clear Kid Figure
2012 Takara Tomy Pita Poke Figure
2012 (Mani Joa?) Eraser Figure
2013 Bandai Attack Kid Figure
2013 Banpresto Kyun Chara Figure
2013 Takara Tomy Ippai Figure
2013 Takara Tomy Eevee and Friends Figure
2013 Pokémon Center Chupa Surprise Figure
2013 WakuWaku Get Kuji Pokedoll Figure
2013 Takara Tomy Movie Zukan Figure (featuring all Eeveelus)
2005 Takara Tomy Zukan Figure (with Eevee and Espeon)
2009 Bandai Chou Get Figure - Gold, Silver, and Color
2005 MegaBlok Figure


I'm missing the following:
(2000?) In-Case Figure
(Year Unknown) V-Trainer Prototype Figure
2000 Bandai Clear Kid Figure
2007 Bandai Clear Attack Figure

Please let me know if this is accurate. :D

Also, I'll have a huuuuge gets post in the next few weeks or so.
I got TONS of customs. <3
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