Syminka (syminka) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Roller stamp auctions and new custom get!

I received the BEST custom ever today. I just had to share!!

A needle felt eevee!

The tail is poseable! I just love it to pieces <3 Looks like a squirrel. Which is amazing

I also have some roller stamps to auction off! The paint jobs are perfect! I checked 4 of them and all had a lot of ink. So I am ASSUMING they all are like that <3

The pichu are different. One has the tufty hair and the other does not.

Each stamp features little unique designs of the pokemon on the base

All start at $3
I got sales permission in 2010 by lineaalba
Feedback is here:
Auctions can be combined with anything from my sales.
All community rules apply.
Auction ends July 19th at 9pm
Countdown here:
Payment is due within 48 hours.
I DO accept payment plans.

Thanks guys. Have a great week
Tags: bellossom, hoot hoot, hoothoot, horsea, ledyba, magikarp, marill, pichu, psyduck, seel, togepi
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