flaaffy (flaaffy) wrote in pkmncollectors,

collection lights! & wants

I found these little LED strips in Lowe's home improvement store... And they're perfect for a smallish Pokemon display!

There are 14 different modes - different colors, brightnesses, and strobe effects. It can also react to sound! It'll flash colors to the beat. I tried to post a video of it in action but the video keeps coming out sideways...
I think my favorite color for this is white. It's a super bright pure white and it just looks nice. Of course, pink is my second favorite. :)
And yes, I know my collection looks messy in there lol! I plan on selling a few things when I receive sales permission. Then I'll invest in some wall shelves and possibly a wider display case! Oh pkmncollectors, what have you done to me!!? <3

Ive updated my wants list; hopefully you can help me find some things! http://skittybits.livejournal.com/943.html
I'm mostly looking for the JPN Magikarp Pokedoll and PokePark DX Mew Pokedoll.
BUT I will most definitely need a payment plan for Mew, possibly Magikarp too (hopefully not Magikarp).
Thanks for looking!

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