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Victini collection update and gets!

Hello ^.^
It has been a while since I last posted so I thought I would do one last collection update before the summer with the gets I have gotten in the last few months.
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And now as pictured below have completed this row of parent-child plush section (`∀´)

So first off are some gets. Plush gets include Shiro the small tomy plush, Natsuki the smaller banpresto plush on the left and Mao the bigger banpresto plush on the right.

And here are some non-plush gets. A pitapoke, plamo and 2014 chupa figure. I also got some flats from captainangel but as they are already stuck up I forgot to take a picture.

So now for the collection update. Here are my current plushes which are on the shelf, as you can see thanks to the addition of Shiro I have now run out of room >.<

And here are my figures and non-flats.

And the flats which include the new ones too.

And the large plushes which reside along side my bed on top of my clear pillow.
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And finally a complete overview of the Victini shelf.

Thanks for reading ^.^
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