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New sales and auctions ( this post is outdated!)

Hi there! I finally found the time to create a proper sales post.
Any order here can be combined with an order on my TCG cards post.
I even updated it with some Korean TCG cards. Here's the link: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/19565663.html

Please be aware that the following post will be very picture heavy!

- Sales permission was granted by entirelycliched on 22 SEP 2014.
- All community rules apply
- My feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/raymence/
- No banned or non members
- Paypal only
- Shipping is from Germany. I ship worldwide.
- I live in a clean and smoke-free home. My pet gerbils don't touch my items. But be aware that gerbils lose tiny hairs if you're allergenic. Also, most of the items were pre-owned.

- Prices are in USD.
- Prices do not include fees, shipping or shipping materials. I'll always try to recycle shipping material though (no charge then), if that is of concern, please let me know.
- I'll ship the items out when payment is cleared. Note that I'm a slow shipper. It can take several days or a week.
- Once a package is out of my hands at the post office, I'm no longer responsible for it in case it gets damaged or lost. If you want tracking added, please inquire.
- Feel free to leave me feedback once your items have arrived. I'll do the same then.

- Please make sure whether you only ask for a quote or whether you are committed.
- Commitments don't get priority over quotes! I will hold the items for the first person who is interested in it.
- Payment is required within 24 hours after I gave you a total.
- In case of a quote, also please tell me within that time if you'd like the item or not.
- If payment is not sent within time or a person backs out after a commitment, negative feedback will be left and I'll pass on to other people that are interested.

- I might accept trades for Salamence, Rayquaza, Rattata or Raticate items if I don't have them already.

- Shipping of items that are up for auction can be combined with items that are straightly for sale. If you are interested in an item that is up for auction and something that is directly for sale, tell me and I'll put it on hold for you until the auction is over. But: You must have placed a valid bid in the auction already before I can put anything on hold!

- The auctions will end July 22th at 7pm CEST. Here's a timer: http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/to?iso=20150722T19&p0=168&msg=Raymence%27s+auctions&font=cursive&csz=1

Here are the items that are up for auction.

Huge Dialga action figure that shoots missiles. It is working! Please take a look at the photos. Good condition and a few paint rubs.-
--> Now directly for sale!

Rare European Groudon figure with base. Again, there are a few paint rubs. Sold!

This gorgeous Plusle figure can spin around if you pull a switch. It's in a very good condtion. Now up for straigt sale!

The following items are directly for sale.

Jakks playset with Bruizel and Mantyke. If you push a button, the wave will move and Mantyke will attack Bruizel. I'll only sell this as a full set. Very good condition. - 8$

big Jakks figures. Very good condiotion. Raichus nose should be repainted. Mamoswine comes with a fitting marble. - 3,50$ each

Machamp figure + base, good conditon - 3$ // Bastiodon DX kid 3$

Squirtle, Minun 1$ each. Chimchar 1,50$.

1,50$ each

European candy figures. Very good condition. - 1,50$ each. Exception: Meowth and Groudon - free with purchase.

Bobblehead Gashapon figures. Very good condition. - 2$ each.

Kid figures - very good condition. - 1,50$ each.

Oshawott 3$. Rest 1,50$ - not sure if Pidgey, Electabuzz and Torchic are legit.

Palkia and Giratina figures - 2$ each.

Deoxys candy figure - 1,50$. Deoxys puzzle figure - 5$.

Deoxys phone strap - 3$.

Chikorita gashapon phone strap figure, Rotom gashapon figure: 1,50$ each.

Pikachu lot. Probably bootlegs. 3$ for the whole lot! (Or 1$ each peace if sold seperately).

Team Rocket play thing - 1$. Mewtwo plush MWT 5$.

Rare European magnets - 1,50$ each. Oshawott pin 1$. Sugowoodoo phone cleaner 1$.

Coins and Kraks - 1$ each.

Oldshool bag - 10$, backpack 5$ and purse - 1$!

flats - 0,50$ each. The white spots occured due to the flashlight of my camera. They are not on the cards themselves.
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