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Arti-cute-o! :3

I recently commissioned my first custom plush from vulpes_canis and she arrived today! :D Prepare yourself for adorable overload because it's time to meet...

Arti-cute-o! :D
She's a chubby, minky Articuno and she's just perfect! :)

Just look at her little wings and tail! :)

And look at those tiny feet! :)
She's so wonderfully soft and well made! I couldn't be happier! :) The very few official plush that Articuno has (think there's only 4 or 5! :/) really don't do this beautiful Pokemon justice, so it's such a relief to finally have my own beautiful bluebird! :)

Here she is with the rest of my Cunos. She has pride of place perched on the DX figure's wing next to the bell plush! :) See Pokemon Company? That's how you make a decent Articuno plush! XD

I also had another surprise arrival today... more applause plush! :D I was super excited about finding these guys in a lot on eBay, and now they're here I'm so happy to be able to add them to my collection! :) Here they are:

Eeeeee! :D Jigglypuff is so funny looking! XD Feels like he's made out of something leathery as well, but just look at that lovely pink shimmer! That mouth though... XD Also got Cubone, whose been on the wants list in my head for a while now, and Wartortle, who I recently lost out on but now I'm glad or I would have two haha! XD There wasn't really much info or many pictures given of these guys on eBay so I'm relieved to see they're in good condition with their tush tags intact! :) Cubone's head looks like it's browning a bit, and there's a tiny scuff on Jigglypuff's left eye, but that's only natural for such an old plush I suppose!

There were also some others plushes in the lot, most of which I will sell when I have selling permission, but there were some I kinda liked so have decided to keep! :)

Yay they're so cute! :) Happy little Plusle and Minum, grumpy Kyogre and a Bublbasur with a very amusing face! XD Think this is the first Bulbasaur plush I own that actually has a separate head! XD

I sure have been adding a lot to my Articuno collection lately haha! XD And when my stuff from the legendary cries promotion arrives I'll probs have to rearrange everything to make it fit! XD
Speaking of promotions, I was digging around for some new Articuno stuff, and I stumbled across something called Hanafuda, which seems to have a lot of stuff that features Articuno. I assume this is an old promotion? I've managed to buy a rubber Articuno strap off Y!J, and I've seen a clear file on eBay, but I was wondering if anyone else has any Articuno stuff from this promotion to sell, or knows just how much there is? Let me know! ^-^
And as always please feel free to take my money if you have anything from my wants list! :) I just updated it with lots of Articunos! :)
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