Christina (dezchu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Kid GA Payment 2 and extras for sale

All extas are 1.50 and open to everyone
Darkrai Clear (Has a small mark/scrape), Marill clear ( small marks on belly), Magmortar clear ( Has marks on body back and front), Rampardos clear (Marks on head,toes,and spikes), Electivire clear (paint chip next to left eye facing towards you), Electivire (seems fine), Druddigon (small mark on toe,back,and wing), Salamance (seems fine), Magmortar (some paint chips on hand and flame hair), Castform (seems fine), Swampert (seems fine), Rhyperior (some marks and a paint chip on horn), Garchomp (tiny marks on top of head), Golduck clear (some weird smeared scratches on body not noticeable unless you turn the body in the light), Blaziken (marks on body), Giratina figure (seems fine), Machamp metal figure ( paint is deteriorating the u

I will add up any extras sold and minus it from shipping totals within 48 hours :) please reply with your zipcode or country if you're INT

*Typhlosion has some marks on his flames
*Tyranitar has paint loss on his toes
*Feraligator has a mark on his middle back fin
*Shaymin seems fine
*Dialga has some paint loss around his face and toes
*Meganium has marks on the flower
*sleeping Pikachu seems fine
*Standing Pikachu has some dirt spots and a mark on his back

*Ditto seems fine but the glass is marked up and scratched a bit

* Rayquaza is missing one of his ear spikes? and has some marks on his pokeball
*Wailord has marks on his body and wave

*Metagross seems fine
*Palkia has some marks and paint chips on him

*All the Castforms seem fine

chronidu I still have not received payment from you :(
*Steelix has a mark on his front but seems fine

Can be combined with my sales C:
Tags: blaziken, castform, darkrai, druddigon, electivire, garchomp, giratina, golduck, machamp, magmortar, marill, rampardos, rhyperior, salamence, swampert
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