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The Great Eevee Migration + Updated Sales!

I don't post much about my outside life (on the blogs that I make it for, I mean) but at least some of you know that for a good while, at least half a year now, I had 80% of my collection in storage as I had moved to a completely different state. Today, after getting back home, The Great Eevee Migration is finally complete!

Which calls for a little look-back on where they were and where they are now. (Super pic heavy, apologies!)

So at least two years ago, this is what all of my 'vees looked like. Cleaned and decorated shelves with not a whole lot on them. A modest but great collection that made me happy to look at it every day.

Then, my big move! I was only able to take Vaporeon and Sylveon with me, and collected a few more Eevees after moving. Vaporeon certainly grew while Sylveon and especially Eevee stayed relatively small. (and all lived on my desk)

And to my luck while exploring the house, I found some unused shelves! I cleaned them up and dragged them upstairs to my room, where the three 'vees found a more comfortable home. The rest of their families are still in storage in California at this time.

A little back and forth on my part, and the 'vees have resettled on their shelves. Vaporeon is virtually bursting at the seams with Sylveon about to follow suit, and I've got the second half of my collection slowly regrowing while I wait to pick up the rest form California.

Then Sylveon got a whole cabinet to herself!

Finally, the fated travel to California happened.

Reunited and it feels so good~

After a 10 hour trip back home, a minor cold, and some sleep, the 'vees have reunited!

Ta-daaah~! Really, the hardest part was cleaning and dragging the second set of shelves upstairs. I'm actually pretty impressed with how much they've all grown over just the past year. But! Now I have everyone back and I am extremely happy. <3

And lookit this! The start of my Latis. If the MPCs and Pokedoll hadn't been at SDCC, I'd still be in denial about collecting them. I've got a few things coming in the mail, but I hope my freelancing picks up so I can get some more buddies for these three!

Lastly! I updated my sales a bit. I've got some pieces of my collection I didn't want in there, and ESPECIALLY now, anything in my sales post is up for trade for Lati@s and 'vees! I can even do some pretty sweet traditional custom art for stuff, and you can find my examples in my journal.

Click the banner above or here to go to my sales post!

Thank you so so much if you read all of this, and have a great day! ( o w<)7 ~*
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