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MASSIVE Gets post, collection update, and wants list update

Hey everyone so thanks to the oh so wonderful Digi and Swampeh i have a huuuuuge gets post to share with you all.. thanks again to Digi who hosted the GA and packed my metals so carefully, and thanks again to Swampeh for co-hosting :)

Gets! I've put them in national dex order.. here's the list of them, with notes on a few extra special ones

Bronze Charmander
Copper Charizard
Wartortle Keshimon
Gold Pidgey
Green Raticate
Green Ekans
Tiny Sleeping Gumetal Pikachu (one of the cutest metal figures EVER)
Lime Raichu (one of the most valuable figures I now own.. AND in a super rare color)
Gunmetal Nidoran F
Green Nidoran F
Pink Nidoran F
Green Clefable (apparently I have doubles of this one now, so whenever I get approved for sales ill be selling one)
Lime Clefable
Copper Vulpix (OMG I cant believe I own a Vulpix.. so rare)
Blue Oddish
Green Gloom
Blue Dugtrio
Blue Poliwhirl
Lime Abra
Pink Abra
Bronze Bellsprout(another rare)
Gold Tentacool (rare)
Blue Tentacruel(also rare)
Green Graveller
Bronze Rapidash
Copper Magneton
Copper Doduo(raaaare and expensive!)
Lime Dodrio
Copper Dewgong(rare-ish)
Blue Dewgong(rare-ish)
Copper Gengar
Gunmetal Hypno
Blue Krabby(rareish)
Gunmetal Krabby(rareish)
Bronze Executor
Gunmetal Cubone (probably my most favorite metal figure EVER! I love cubone. I was so ridiculously excited to get him)
Lime Hitmoncan (quite rare)
Lime Rhyhorn (another fav! and rare!)
Pink Chansey
Copper Tangela
Gold Tangela
Green Tangela
Copper Kangaskhan (he's super tarnished so we thought he was gunmetal)
Blue Kangaskhan (rare-ish)
Gold Horsea (rare-ish)
Gold Seaking(rare-ish)
Gunmetal Electabuzz
Bronze Magmar
Gold Gyrados (he is a BEAST of a metal.. he's huge!)
Blue Snorlax
Lime Snorlax
Pink Snorlax
Green Articuno (legendary!)
Lime Dragonair(rare-ish)
Dark Red Mew(another Mew for the army!)
Blue Togepi
Silver Aipom
Gold Snubble (loooove!)
Bronze Elekid
Gunmetal Azurill
Gunmetal Skitty
Bronze Jirachi
Gunmetal Turtwig
Copper Chimchar
Gold Starly(not from the GA's but still cute!)
Bronze Happiny
Gunmetal Snover

Collection Update.. here is my entire metal collection so far (minus Cleffa and 3 Goletts cuz they have fallen behind my desk).. since there are so many I will just list the pokemon followed by the colors I have them in

Charmeleon- bronze, gold, gunmetal
Charizard-copper, gold
Squirtle- copper, gold, gunmetal
Wartortle- copper
Caterpie- gunmetal
Metapod- gunmetal
Butterfree- copper, gold, gunmetal
Weedle- bronze, copper
Kakuna- bronze, gunmetal
Pidgey- gold
Pidgeotto- copper, green
Pidgeot- was orange.. most of the paint is gone now
Rattata- gold
Raticate- gunmetal, green, pink
Ekans- green
Arbok- blue, gold, green
Pikachu- too many different styles to list
Raichi- lime
Sandshrew- dark red, faded orange, green, blue
Sandslash- copper
Nidoran F- Gunmetal, Green, Pink
Nidoqueen- Copper
Nidorino- Copper
Clefairy- bronze, green
Clefable- lime, green
Vulpix- copper
Jigglypuff- blue, bronze, copper
Wigglytuff- gunmetal
Golbat- gold
Oddish- blue
Gloom- green
Paras- blue
Parasect- copper
Venonat- faded orange
Venomoth- bronze, copper
Diglett- gunmetal
Dugtrio- blue
Meowth- gold
Persian- copper, gunmetal
Psyduck- gold, gunmetal, dark purple, light red, new style bronze
Golduck- gunmetal
Mankey- blue
Primeape- gunmetal
Growlithe- copper
Arcanine- copper, gold
Poliwag- gold
Poliwhirl- blue, gunmetal
Abra- blue, lime, pink
Alakazam- silver
Machop- bronze, gold, pink
Machoke- gold, dark red
Machamp- blue, copper
Bellsprout- bronze
Weepinbell- bronze
Victreebell- bronze
Tentacool- gold
Tentacruel- blue
Geodude- gold, new style copper
Graveller- green
Golem- blue, tarnished copper, dark red, green
Magnemite- gunmetal
Magneton- copper
Farfetch'd- bronze
Doduo- copper
Dugtrio- gunmetal, lime
Seel- used to be orange.. most of his paint is gone
Dewgong- blue, copper
Grimer- blue, copper
Muk- gunmetal
Shellder- green, dark purple
Haunter- green
Gengar- blue, copper, green, orange
Onix- blue, green, gunmetal
Drowzee- blue, bronze, lime
Hypno- gunmetal
Krabby- blue, gunmetal
Voltorb- green, pink
Exeggcute- blue
Exeggutor- bronze
Cubone-gunmetal(so.. much.. love..)
Marowak- gold, gunmetal
Hitmonchan- lime
Lickitung- bronze, copper, gold, gunmetal
Koffing- blue
Weezing- bronze, gunmetal, lime
Rhyhorn- lime
Rhydon- used to be blue..
Chansey- gold, pink
Tangela- copper, gold, green
Kangaskhan- blue, tarnished copper
Horsea- gold
Goldeen- gold
Seaking- gold
Staryu- green
Starmie- bronze, copper
Electabuzz- gold, gunmetal
Magmar- bronze
Pinsir- gunmetal
Tauros- gold
Magikarp- copper, gunmetal
Gyrados- gold
Flareon- copper
Porygon- dark red, orange, gunmetal
Kabuto- copper
Aerodactyl- green, gunmetal
Snorlax- blue, green, lime, pink
Articuno- green
Dratini- gunmetal, and used to be blue
Dragonair- lime
Dragonite- green
Mewtwo- gold
Mew- dark red, light pink, blue, orange, gold, gunmetal
Chikorita(new style)- bronze, silver
Hoothoot- silver
Ledian- gold
Togepi- blue, copper, gold
Aipom- silver
Snubble- gold
Elekid- bronze
Treeko- silver
Azurill- gunmetal
Skitty- gunmetal
Kyogre(non primal)- copper
Jirachi(arms down)-bronze
Turtwig- gunmetal
Chimchar- bronze
Starly- gold
Buizel(sitting)- bronze
Buneary- bronze
Happiny- bronze
Croagunk- silver
Snover- gunmetal
Pignite- copper
Zorua- bronze
Karrablast- bronze
Alomomola- bronze
Klang- silver
Axew- silver
Cubchoo- bronze
Cleffa(not pictured)- silver(large style)
Golett- bronze, copper, silver

Wants- any metal figures that arent on that list.. even if it's pokemon I already have im still want to get all the colors
Tags: collection update, metal figures, pokemon
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