nashey88 (nashey88) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Short Introduction and Wants

Hello everyone! I'm very new to the community (I got accepted into it this morning lol), and to Pokemon collecting in general. I figured I'd introduce myself and see if anyone could help me find the things I'm looking for. I don't know much about rarity except that the older ones are obviously rarer (for instance, I literally found one listing for an Altaria Poke Doll after like 3 hours of searching online).

Notes: MWT is appreciated, but not necessary. TTO is perfectly fine.
* = Highest priority

Without further ado, here are my wants:

*Altaria Poke Doll*

*Mantyke Poke Doll* (I just placed a bid for a Japanese one on Y!J so we'll see how that goes)

*Corsola Poke Doll*

Cherrim Poke Doll

Cresselia Poke Doll

Shaymin (Land forme) Poke Doll

Zorua Poke Doll

Zoroark Poke Doll

Togepi Poke Doll

Spheal Poke Doll

Togekiss Poke Doll

Cleffa Poke Doll

Mismagius Poke Doll

Happiny Poke Doll

Raikou Poke Doll (low priority)

Suicune Poke Doll (low priority)

Entei Poke Doll (low priority)

I can't wait to start expanding my collection!
Tags: altaria, cherrim, cleffa, corsola, cresselia, entei, happiny, mantyke, mismagius, raikou, shaymin, spheal, suicune, togekiss, togepi, wants, whimsicott, zoroark, zorua
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