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GIANT collection update

So, I've got a new 'lucha for my family. Can you guess who from this picture?

If you said "life-sized Hawlucha" your guess was correct!

Ever since I first saw the first leaked images of Hawlucha, I knew I wanted a life-size plush of it. It had been love at first sight, but with something so grand, I wasn't sure if I would have ever been able to afford it... or even find someone who would be willing to work on such a project! So I started getting smaller customs in various sizes and styles, but in a corner of my mind I still wanted this to be real...
Fast forward to a few months ago, when one of my favorite plush artists, diffeomorphism, opened commissions. He was taking limited slots, and so I was super happy when I received his e-mail saying he wouldn't mind working on a Hawlucha. Half joking, I asked if he'd be up to making a life sized one... and to my surprise, he said YES! I was kept updated with each step of the making of this giant, from the first pattern drafts to the final adjustments upon stuffing. And now we're here!

All the details on the plush are amazing. Her arms are somewhat posable, but she's usually in what I define as a Flying Press pose. Her eyes are so big they couldn't even be embroidered since they were too big for the artist's embroidery machine, so they're appliqued instead! Every small detail of the design is present and flawlessly patterned and sewn. This plush exceeded all my expectations and I'm just so so happy to finally have my loyal Kalos partner by my side.

Here she is next to the almost life-sized Toxicroak made a while ago by Sewgoods.

I just love how the two of them look together!!

Here is the rest of my Hawlucha collection... or at least what I've been able to display for now. I'm in the process of renovating the house so most of my stuff is boxed around, but sure enough my Lucha bird shrine already looks nice the way it is. I promise it will look even nicer once I have more space for it... and hopefully more items added to it!

As always here's my wanted list.

Thanks for reading and
Tags: custom, hawlucha, toxicroak
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