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Ultimate Daisuki Grail and Best Latios custom evarrr

finally I get a chance to make this post c:
Today I get to show off two absolutely amazing items!
One of my ultimate grails The Daisuki DX Shaymin Pokedoll I won from mellow_candy and an absolutely gorgeous custom Latios I commissioned from LRK-Creations .

Half-Shiny Latios Custom by LRK-Creations
After having missed out on a few auctions for the Giant PC Latios I decided I was going to get my own giant Latios made completely one-of-a-kind. I've gotta say this couldn't have turned out better! LRK did an absolutely perfect job bringing this guy into existence. I wanted a regular coloured latios with it's shiny versions markings and the colours look absolutely awesome together! The quality of the plush is beyond incredible! He stands about 15" high, 24" Long, and has a 26" wing span.

Unfortunately his wings got a bit bent during shipping but it should be easy enough to fix. Most latios plushies have droopy wings. Maybe they shouldn't be kept in captivity >^<

Super cute face! >u<

I mean just look at it.

The embroidery is really nice c:

"Whatcha thinking about Latios?"
"Oh, y'know, Latios things~"

Look at this smile <3

Belly up. More amazing embroidery detail.

Really he's almost as big as my coffee table.

I'm sooooo happy with him ;u; I honestly don't think there's a better Latios out there <3

Daisuki Club DX Sky Shaymin Pokedoll
The feeling of crossing off an item from your major wants list in the Ultimate Holy Grail Section is amazing. I was lucky enough to win thing guy in an auction Mellow_Candy was having. When I saw the listing here on the comunity my jaw dropped xD and I was so ready to win this guy.
He's much bigger (about 13" tall at his hair) thank the regular sky shaymin pokedoll and is actually made of a softer material. He's also super squishy and is just so satisfying to hold >u<

You can see the Daisuki Club tush tag. He also came with his detahced hang tag CCCC:

Here's a size comparison with the regular pokedoll.

Mellow_Candy also suprised my with these cuties >u<

Thank you so much for everything ;w;

On another note I was also granted sales permission :D but I have nothing to sell xD hopefully in the near future I'll have some things to sell here ^^

Thank for reading

You can check out my collection site here c:
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