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Lugia/P2K sale!

Well, okay, mostly P2K. Which is in itself mostly Lugia.

All of this stuff comes from a Point of Purchase sales kit. The kit was, as far as I could tell, opened only once for its' auction. Rare, and definitely unique collection items!

Also, if you should feel so inclined, please check out my regular sales post, here! Lots of stuff left!

Before you buy
-I ship from Canada
-I ship only on Fridays
-Paypal only, please!
-Please write your username, and what you are buying in the Paypal note. :)
-Feel free to haggle, but I reserve the right to refuse your offer.

3" pins - $2 each
12x9" Window Cling - $5

Don't let the faded look fool you. It's a high quality print - I didn't want to peel it all the way off for fear of fingerprinting the other side, but here's what it looks like:

Flags - $4 each only one left!
Yes, flags. These nifty things come with their own stands. They are 8x14 inches, to their highest point. Also, that weird white thing in the corner is my camera flash, not a scuff, can provide another pic if you want to be sure ^_^

Poster - $25 On hold!
I was freaking out in excitement when I unrolled this to measure it. It's a full meter long! Or 40x27", if you prefer. :) Pokedoll and lol*old gameboy for size comparison. This is NOT a commercial reproduction, this is an original movie poster, meaning that this puppy is one of the big posters you'd have seen in Blockbuster or the like. I'm sorry about the expensiveness, but I am having a hard time parting with this one ^^;

3D Display - $3
It actually took me a moment to figure out what this was, hehe. Fold it into a triangular, 3D display. :D It is 10x18 inches.
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