Paula (agui_chan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Love from the community and art commissions reminder!

Hi guys! I'm back with a bunch of love from the community! Thank you very much all of you that helped me with my wants! I didn't expect to find all this stuff TuT

#hoothoot and #noctowl #pokemon zukanI got a package for an art trade I did. They are súper cute #politoed #pokelove #pokemon #poochyena #quilava #luxray #vulpix #ninetalesPRETTY. Oficial #pokemontime purse. #pokemon #politoed #lapras #heracrossMore #charmander guys <3 #pokemon #pokelove #collection
Hoothoot/Noctwol zukan is from sorjei I still need to try the peg on the flygon zukan :O
The sculptures were from an art trade with ushigofasweet Thank you! The look awesome <3 And the king's rock is super funny detail xD
HUGE thanks to meloman1a !!! I still can't believe I got the Politoed/Heracross/Lapras coin purse TuT Indeed I can't believe they choose those guys together, I love the design of it. ♥♥
And a huge thanks too to agkelikos for selling me the Charmander Pokemon Time plush!! He's ADORABLE! I love his design and play with his mouth like a puppet! He's with the Heartland and the Walky now ♥

I'm still open for art commissions too! I have been working on them and most of them are almost finished (those are WIP -work in progress-) You can click HERE to see the post :D I can sell or trade for them and combine for anything of my sales post, just ask about it!

A question about I was going to preorder the Ninetales and Vulpix from the PokemonCenter on Amazon with FromJapan but I wasn't able to do it since it seems there are a limit of orders of each user. Is that for preorder or also for sales? Have any of you bought from the Pokemon Center on with a middleman? Thanks
Tags: collection, custom, gets, sales
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