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A Cotton Candy Swirl Mirage Pikachu plush?

Hi! I'm new here, joined just a few days ago ^^
I'm going to make an introduction post later, but first I wanted to get some opinions on what I think might be a mirage! Is it?

More details and photos under the cut(which I hope I did right:) I got this about a week ago, it was actually my motivation to join here which I had been debating for some time.
There's no big story to how I got him, just a random chance of luck, I found him randomly searching under pokemon bag, he was listed as Pikachu colorful bag.
I have no idea where he's from, I asked the seller but they haven't responded yet.
Here's more pictures!
As you can probably tell, he is marbled with pink and blue swirls on this shimmery yellow fabric. He's in a great condition, doesn't have any tags unfortunately, but he does have a suction cup like some other mirages. Was he a carnival prize?
Could anyone give me more info on those?
He also has a funny mouth and eyes like others I've seen here, but I've never seen a mirage Pikachu before, especially not one like this so that's why I'm so excited to ask!

All in all, he's a really unique plush, I love it,it is a true gem in my eyes.
I also Love Pikachu, but I hardly get anything of him because unique ones are either hard to find or expensive :(

Also, I originally wanted to call him something related to or Cottoncandy, but is it too long? Thinking of Bubblegum as well, since blue and pink.
Any ideas?

EDIT: will hear offers of in ANY condition,also added some pics, also Minky Latias Pokedoll because I lost one yesterday and it breaks my heart ._. :

Lastly some tiny wants list for now:
Looking for mini pokedolls:

Especially the keychain Pikachu one.
Any Latias plush or strap, has anyone picked up the new mpc? I can't find them anywhere.
And figure straps with a clasp. Especially PT and Mate Cheren.

If I messed something up please let me know!

Othet EDIT:
This Pika has officially named Zap thanks to ribbyy!
Thanks again! Fits perfectly~
Tags: mirage, mirage plush, pikachu
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