hantsukihaunter (hantsukihaunter) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sales Updates! Tomys! Megas! Banpresto Coins! Eeveelutions! Pichus! & More

Hi everyone! I finished removing some most of the sold items from my sales post and bringing in some new stuff. The new items are scattered around in my permanent sales post since I had to retake pictures to save on space (since my sales post constantly gets too big to post). All the new stuff should be at the top of the flat sales as usual though. I managed to purchase my mini-grail recently, so I'll be posting that in the near future once it arrives from Japan. :D Can you guess what it is? *hint* It's the same Pokemon as one of the ones from my recent gets post... Look forward to it. ^_^

I also have some other sales links in this post that I haven't merged into my two main sales posts. There are settei, Weekly Cards, movie merch, posters, and other neat little goodies so be sure to check them out! You can find my wants in the same post as well. :)

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