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5 Fully Colored 4th Wave Custom Pokemon Trading Figures Appear!

This post was supposed to be uploaded a week ago but I've been extremely busy with work and I've left this just as draft. Anyhow, I've decided to take a little time to finally get this done. As I've announced to this community, I'm not a very big fan of figures but when I saw Kaiyodo Pokemon figures, I became a believer. I love anything so small yet so detailed and dynamic. Unfortunately I've discovered Pokemon TFG way too late. I can't find majority of the figures and it's so sad that the project was cancelled. This was what made me get into sculpting miniatures and now I am showcasing 5 fully painted custom Pokemon TFG miniatures as part of the 4th wave, unofficially of course because the official was only until the 3rd wave, lol. I hope people will join me to add more figures and the trade possibilities are just endless.


I sculpted all of these and they are all my pose concepts which were inspired by Kaiyodo, zefiru's ideas and my imagination. Squirtle, Cubone and Dragonite were painted by a professional painter named "Jon DGreat". I don't know him and I dont have his contact but zefiru does know him. If you have painting commissions, trust me, HE IS THE MAN! You can contact zefiru so he can contact him for you. This guy is a BEAST! It will take me 100 years to become like him!

Grovyle and Darmanitan were sculpted, airbrushed and handpainted by me. The custom TFG stickers were designed from scratch by my very own brother. It's based on the official sticker designs. He has a youtube page and he makes videos of fun facts in a very funny way. If you want to check him out, here's his page :) FrenchToast Philip
. If this isn't allowed please do say so I will take this down. Anyhow, without further ado, TSADA! The 5 fully painted figures! Sorry I'm not good in photography, lol.

Squirtle was the very first custom TFG I did. It was zefiru's favorite so I decided to go with this as my first custom TFG. When I thought of doing Squirtle, this pose was always the thing that popped out from my imagination. What better way to see it than by bringing it to life!

Now owned by zefiru. Photo and painting by Jon DGreat. Sculpting by me.

Cubone was also a suggestion made by zefiru. I realized Cubone doesn't have many official products so I decided to sculpt this.

Now owned by zefiru. Photo and painting by Jon DGreat. Sculpting by me.

Dragonite was also a suggestion by zefiru. He wanted Dragonite to be like in the clouds with just half-body shown just like Tyranitar TFG. I didn't know he wanted half-body so I made it based on my imagination. Dragonite flies in/with/above the clouds :)

Now owned by zefiru. Photo and painting by Jon DGreat. Sculpting by me.

Grovyle was a commissioned piece. The grass patch was taken from an official TFG base and I added stones on it. He stands with the official figures owned by the commissioner.

Now owned by the commissioner. Photo by commissioner and sculpting and painting by me.

Darmanitan was suggested by zefiru. He said he wanted to see Darmanitan doing fire punch. I initially sculpted Darmanitan doing forward fire punch. While I was doing one foot, I thought it looks way cooler if Darmanitan does fire punch to the ground and breaks the ground and this really gives the literal meaning of GROUNDBREAKER, which was the official name for the 2nd set. So I removed the arm and modified it to become just like this! I have the most pictures of Darmanitan because it's the only thing left that I own, lol, which also explains why it was not me who took the pictures of the others.

For those who don't know Pokemon TFG, they are highly detailed and dynamic Pokemon miniatures released and then cancelled in 2007. Here's my thumb to get the approximate size of the miniatures.

I own Darmanitan. Sculpture and painting by me. Sticker designs by my brother FrenchToast Philip. The back sticker has my name on it and the front has my attack called GROUNDBREAKER!

That's all folks for now! I'll be back for more soon. I've sculpted more than 10 custom TFG miniatures but I'll show them later! Thanks for looking and KEEP THE KAIYODO SPIRIT BURNING!

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