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Round 2 of Moving Sales! Giant Pikazard, Pokedolls, and more!

Hi again, everyone! I'm back with another sales post that includes a few new items and some lowered prices!
This time, I'm willing to ship to other countries, but the US Postal Service has outrageous international shipping prices, so I apologize in advance to anyone this inconveniences. :(
For that reason, I greatly prefer to keep shipping within the US.

-I was granted sales permission on July 8th, 2015 by SKDarkDragon.
-My community feedback can be found here:
-My feedback can be found here:
-Allergy warning!! I have one cat who is not allowed in the room where my collection is stored, but please be aware of the risk in case you are seriously allergic!
-My items come from a smoke-free home.
-All prices are in USD and payment must be made through Paypal.
-Shipping is not included in my prices unless specifically noted otherwise.
-I ship from the west coast of the United States of America.
-Priority is given to the first person to commit. Asking for a quote is not a form of commitment.
-Please only commit to an item if you are 100% certain you will be buying it. If you are unsure, ask for a quote first!
-I am willing to hold items for up to 24 hours if you are completely comitted.
-I might consider haggling, but please do not be offended if I decline your offer.
-If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

Thank you to everyone who bought from me last time! My move is going to be much easier now that my collection is smaller. ^^
And without further ado, here are the items I have for sale!

MWT "I Love Eevee" DX Eevee - $20 (2 left!)
TTO "I Love Eevee" DX Eevee - $18 (1 available!)
MWT Minky Sylveon Pokedoll - $15 SOLD
MWT PokePalre Sylveon - $24
MWT Minky Audino Pokedoll - $18
TTO Minky Blitzle Pokedoll - $16

TTO 2012 PokeCen Fuzzy Bulbasaur - $23
TTO Minky Lapras Pokedoll - $38
TTO Minky Snorlax Pokedoll - $32 SOLD
TTO Minky Minccino Pokedoll - $16
TTO Minky Cinccino Pokedoll - $16
TTO Minky Emolga Pokedoll - $16 SOLD
Mime Jr. + Pokeball Keychain - $3 (Due to his pointy hat, Mime Jr. can't be closed in his Pokeball)
Glaceon Pokedoll Kuji Figure with Base - $10 (Box can be flattened and included at no extra cost! SOLD
(From left to right)
MWT Banpresto Cyndaquil plush keychain -  $7 SOLD
TTO Banpresto Cyndaquil Shiny ver. plush keychain - $6 SOLD
TTO Canvas Cyndaquil - $15
TTO Trainer's Choice Takara Tomy - $10 (Tag was cut free from hand, but will be included! Also, his flames are rough/messy)
[Pics of Trainers Choice]IMAG0494.jpgIMAG0472.jpg

TTO 1/1 Tomy Cyndaquil - $180 including free shipping (Has a loose thread on the yellow part of his flames. I have 0 sewing skills, but it is probably fixable! SOLD (Payment plans)
[Closeups of Cyndaquil]

MWT Giant PikaZard - $150 FREE SHIPPING (Tag is bent)
[Pictures of tag]

PremiaLive Banpresto Eevee Figure - $27
WakuWaku Ichiban Kuji Banpresto Eevee + Pikachu Figure - $27

FREEBIES if you buy $25 or more! (One per person)
The 5 PokeCenter shopping bags are not in perfect condition (but hey, that's why they're free!)
The little Axew figure is from McDonald's and has a scratch on one of his arms
Claimed: Light blue bag, 1 of the yellow Pikachu bags

Thanks for looking and have a great day!
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