peppermmints (peppermmints) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for some more Drifloons!

Hello my lovelies! Tonight is another wants post. I've got a few Cyndaquil line items in the post so I thought I'd focus on my Drifloon/Pumpkaboo collection for now. Tonight, I'm looking for some custom 'floon merch <3 Specifically, art! I'd love just some simple little arty bits of Drifloon to cover my corkboard with - sketches, inked, watercolour, anything really. Comment with some examples and a rough idea of price for a single 'floon or Pumpkaboo please!

I'm also looking for other little Drifloon bits - potentially a plush/embroidered pouch or just general pouch and the Drifloon dex charm (I'm not bothered about Drifblim though). If you can make any useable items with a Drifloon theme that I haven't listed, pleast let me know - I probably just haven't thought of them! ^^;

Thanks for reading (and I apologise for the relatively boring entry tonight!)
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