hamsterbomb27 (hamsterbomb27) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Shiny Mega Rayquaza Group Buys!

Hey everyone! I've been super excited to expand my shiny rayquaza collection with some of the cool new stuff coming out because of the movie. But I keep showing up too late in all the group buys and such for mega ray and regular ray buys!

If anybody is thinking about doing any group buys for some of the new things like the metal tags, towels, and whatnot, LET ME KNOW! I'll definitly be up for some new shiny ray stuff :)

There's also a new box set from moncolle with several other legends in it that'd be cool to split. I don't have sales permission so all I can do is just hope someone out there was looking for people to split sales with! :)

Also if anyone is wanting to sell some shiny rayquaza stuff just let me know in the comments :) I've got a bit of a collection going but don't really have the time right now to post about it all. More coming soon! :)
Tags: rayquaza
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