Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

VERY excited for all the updates i'll have to my collection these next two weeks :D let's starting now!

wait, blow that up a bit...

EFFIN YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FINALLY the damned garchomp zukan and MAN was it worth the wait. it is incredibly incredibly sexy. why no full-shelf shot? too dusty and embarrassing, ahaha. not to mention i have one more chompy coming before i can fully update them...

the gigantic lt. surge card i wanted ever since i suspected there was one when ya'll had other kantou gym leaders...
i like where i stuck him, too! my two fav electric gym leaders ever <3

it was thanks to raichu saana i found that card, and look what SHE sent me!! honey you are SO good to me!!! ;-;

and new raichu stamp, thanks to toz's keen eye!

but what's got me even MORE pumped?
THESE NEW CARDS, BABY!!!! not coming out for over a month from now, but MAN i am so excited for them! that's raichu and luxray sitting in sunyshore gym, for the win! if you want to see all the preview card images that slipped out, check out collectorviper!

Tags: cards, gabite, garchomp, gible, luxray, raichu
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