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Sales Wheee!

Sorry for another post guys but I have some sales :D
I did a little collection weeding so here we go!
And some old stuff from my old sales post that didnt sale

Highlights Mew DX plush Cyndaquil plush and kids!

-Paypal and Trades Accepted (Im mostly looking for plushes)
-Haggling accepted
-Partial Traes accepted
-Ships worldwide from U.S.
-Prices do not include shipping

all except jolteon and dragonair are shiny :D
andd they are all 3$

Sceptile Thinkchip pretty figure: 7$
Misdreavus and Mudkip V-chips: 6$
Caterpie Tomy: 2$
Deoxys Chou get? Gashpon Figure? Im not sure but yeah: 4$
Lugia Candy Figure: 4$
Little Azurill: 1$
Little Torterra: 2$

Sentret V-chip: 5$
All Kids are 4$
except for dratini (loved condition) Charmeleon and Clear Raticate: 3$

Grovyle kid: 4$
Hoothoot top: 2$
Little Marill: 1$

Cyndaquil plush
Its hard to let him go so I'll take monetary offers or trades

Mew Dx plush i think: 35$ or best offer

Houndoom kid: 4$
Meganium Feraligatr totodile slowbro: 2.50$
Glow in dark plusle and regular minun: 2$
Pikachu Tomy: 2$
Pichu figure: 3$
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