Vap (vaporotem) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A wild japanese newspaper apeared!

EEEeeeeiiiii sleeping pillow Teddiursa~~~<3 It came so quick to my place!
Its so soft and hugableish and big... Im amazed noone bid on him D: I just threw the $22 the bidding started with, went to bed and won it.. pfffff
Animemate was allways one of my fav sellers in Ebay~

..what the HI! VIGO! GET OFF MY TEDDY! >:C

..Cant fight with this cat...

Just a few more plushies and im moving to sleep on my floor! BD

Other than that, i got them PokeKids from miss_fuu_chan

Thank you much, i really love them ;3;

They were in a loved condition (dirt and paint stuff) but NOT ANYMORE thanks to:

Genie Sans Frotter! I recommend it if you want to clean your kids when other cleaning stuff doesnt work c: Though allways do a lil test to see it doesnt remove paint or anything from old ones ( The keckleon didnt like it much.. )

Yeah i feel a lil stupid for not taking a Before photo but this is the After xD;
He was really dirty there with black marks and stuff srsly~

If you got some other good cleaning method, i would love to hear, since simple water and soap never help~


randomflavor , eggsterminatus and growly , Your packages were sent on Monday c: ( Hope the Ditto will make it growly ;m; )

Still got these ones left for trades, THE UNPOPULAR ONES

Too bad school is sitting on my head 24 hours and only on weekends i can have fun around :[

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