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July-August Custom Cookie Commissions

Hello all!

Sorry for posting so often lately, but I have some free time tomorrow after and the coming Sunday so I thought I would take some custom cookie commissions ^_^

Sorry for the poor photo quality, I took the photos with my phone ^^; I swear they look better in person!

Headshot Cookies: $8
More complicated cookies might cost slightly more
Can be made into Magnet for an addional $0.6

Full body Cookie: $12
More complicated cookies might cost slightly more
Can be made into Magnet for an addional $0.6
Shipping/packaging: $2.1 Airmail to anywhere no matter how many you get, fees are not included (0.3 USD + 4.4%)
(Registered mail/ e-Express can be added upon request. )

Info: These cookies are made from resin clay and is not edible. They are around 1-1.5 inches.
For the majority of pokemon, it will be headshot only. In order to keep them like cookie, I will stick with using only chocolate, white chocolate and strawberry "icing". If you want the "icing" to be in different colour that's not a problem, but please request that speciically. The cookie base can be different colour too, just let me know if you want colours other than brown.
I might not be able to pokemon that are too complicated.

Cookies are all glazed with spray-on matt glaze.

The Process:
- Place your order: Let me know what pokemon(s) you want, if it's non-pokemon, please post here and send me a PM with references. And Let me know if there's a specific style that you want it in: e.g. Pokemon Trozei, or any other specific requests, details are always appreciated. You can welcome to give me a sketch with what you want too!
- At the moment my tablet is not working so I am unable to provide digital sketch before working on your cookie :(  But I can do quick pencil sketch though if you
- When your cookie is finished, I will provide photo. Once I received your payment, they will be packed and shipped to you

Rules and price:
- No payment is collected until I have finished your commission, but I do require that payment to be sent in 48 hours upon completion or I may leave negative feedback. If that might be a problem (for example maybe you don't check the comm every day / you will be away), please let me know.
- Sales permission on pkmncollectors granted by denkimouse on 8/4/11, all other rules from my sales apply.

When will my cookies be ready?
Around 1-3 weeks, if it happnes that it would take longer, I will inform you. Please note that due to my job and personal life, I will most likely only work on Sunday.

I will open 3 slots, up to 3 cookies per person.
1. toda - Gastly, Haunter, Carnivine headshot
2. mizunosakura - Full body Mega Audino
3. puddleotter - Bulbasaur full body

Thanks as always!
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