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Absol/Articuno gets and wants

So today I received one of my most exciting Absol items I've ever bought! :D Behold, the incredibly beautiful and rare clear trading figure! :D

Isn't she beautiful! :) I spotted this figure in a massive lot on eBay a few weeks ago and lost my mind! XD The clear and pearl Absol trading figures are two items I didn't previously have on my wants list, as I know they are so rare that I was prepared to never add them to my collection. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw this beauty in the lot! XD I immediately contacted the seller, offering them a decent amount if they split the lot and sold me the Absol separately. However, they weren't interested! :/ My offer was like half the starting price of the entire lot, so I was pretty annoyed! XD I told mercurrix about my problem and she suggested I find someone to help me GA the lot! :) So a few weeks, hundreds of threads, and a lot of help from latias_latios_7 later, here she finally is! :D I'm so insanely happy to own her! :) It looks like her previous owner has glued her onto the base a bit too far forwards (hence why her feet are hanging over the edge of the stand) but the figure itself is flawless! :) Hopefully now I'll be able to find the pearl version as well! XD
Of course, this little Absol didn't come in a package on her own! :) I also received my perler sprite commissions from latias_latios_7.

Here they are, just hanging out with the rest of my Absol collection! :) Haha I'm seriously running out of space now! XD
I've also received some other exciting gets! :)

Here we have an Articuno hanafuda clearfile (still looking for the notepad, pin badge, playing card, coaster, and whatever else was made! XD), my Pokemon time stickers, that riolu very kindly middlemanned for me, which include two of my collected Pokemon: Absol and Swablu. I also bought myself another attack Absol kid, because I absolutely love the pose of this figure, and the Articuno card from the Burger King promotion back in the day! XD The wings move but the sound is now too old to work haha! XD And finally I have the Mega Absol uno card! :D Haha was beginning to think I'd need to buy the whole deck to get one! XD

I also found an array of exciting flats on eBay! :) I recently contacted a seller who was selling an entire set of the AG lenticular cards to see if they'd sell me the Absol, and to my surprise they did! O_o They then told me they had tonnes of cards to go through, so I should tell them what Pokemon I collected and they'd see what they had! :) So here are all my new Articuno and Absol flats haha! XD The seller also very kindly included an Articuno TCG card. Probs won't be able to find space for the Articunos until I rearrange my collection (which will happen when the legendary cry promotional items arrive! :D)! I also found a metal Absol disc in a lot. I think it's an unofficial item that came free with a kids magazine at some point? Either way it's pretty cool! :) Finally, I have my Absol zukan card (sold to me by coiffwaff who was also kind enough to include the Articuno trozei sticker that I've been looking to buy! :D)!

It's nice to finally add some more Absol stuff to my collection haha! XD I've got a few more things to add once my Y!J package arrives that I'm really excited about, but I'll save that for another post haha! :)
Finally, I'm searching for a few small Articuno figures! :) I recently received my first metal Articuno figure (sadly arrived after I'd already photographed everything! XD) and I would really like to try collect the entire colour set of these figures! :) I'm not sure how many there are of them but I only have the gold one at the moment, so if anyone has a metal Articuno (or any other Articuno/Absol merch they'd like to sell or trade) please let me know! :)
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