Maddy (hellgarr) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Left over auction sales!

Hi guys!

Since most of the pokedolls from my auction weren't bid on, I decided to put them up for straight sales instead. Click the cut below to check up what's up for sale C:

I was granted sales permission on 3/21/15 by areica96.

General Rules:
-All PKMNCollectors rules apply. I will not sell to banned members.
-I come from a cat friendly home
-Payment is due within 48 hours of committing
-Prices do not include fees and shipping
-I will be happy to post more pictures of items when requested!
-First come first serve--if someone requests a quote, they still get priority over the item, if they pass, the item goes to next in line.

Shipping Rules
- I ship from NY, US and will only ship to US and Canada at this time (please be advised that international shipping is more expensive)
- I usually ship between 1-3 days after payment is received
- I am not responsible for packages once they leave the post office, if you would like insurance, please let me know!

no title
Japanese Zekrom Pokedoll TTO: $55

no title
Custom jointed Charmeleon pokedoll from etsy (arms, legs and head move): $50

no title
Cottonee: $12

no title
US MWT Serperior pokedoll: $40 shipped

US MWT Samurott pokedoll: $40 shipped
Japanese TTo Samurott: $30

Anything from this post can be combine with items from my sales post here:

Also, an etsy plug >3

no title

thaks everyone xo

Tags: charmeleon, cottonee, sales, samurott, serperior, zekrom
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