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Offers, sales, pokedoll discussion, and tomy lugia plush!?

Hello everyone :) Today I bring a few extra Zoroark things as well as a Zorua pokedoll for sale, and some plush, hats, and tins up for offers! Here's a preview!

Here's the link-

Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 21, 2015
Mah Feedback

Offers end Wednesday, July 29th at 12:00 PM noon EST

Also, I'd like to ask the comm a simple question. When it comes to Pokedolls, how do you pick between Velboa and Minky? I've noticed Velboa tends to keep its shape a lot better, but Minky is just so soft and I can't decide between the two (I'm also a very indecisive person). Also, which Lugia Pokedoll do you prefer? The original Velboa version, the Minky version, or the 2012 version? I postponed my hunt for the Lugia Pokedoll (and just as a bunch started popping up on the comm for sale too!) because I just cannot decide. The Velboa and first Minky one have stuffed thumbs but their faces are pretty flat while the 2012 one has a nice angular face but an unstuffed thumb. I know they're just minor details, but those small details are making it impossible for me to pick one XD

Also, in case I decide to get neither version of the Lucario or Lugia Pokedolls, I've been trying to find other plushes of them since I love both Pokemon very much and would like to have a plush version of them both. I stumbled upon a picture of this lovely beast

A Tomy Lugia Plush! He is so beautiful, but also an older plush. How much does he usually go for? I might start searching for one if it's within my usual budget.

Thanks for looking guys :) If I owe you feedback, I will be leaving it for you now. I've just been so behind on everything since my dog passed away earlier this week.
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