Emurii (emurii) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection update!

From the auction, courtesy of warandromance! ♥
Poliwhirl is adorable, and because of his similar size, I find him hanging out now with Pokemon Time Bulbasaur near my TV~
I've always liked Poliwhirl, and I'm glad I managed to get a plush of him.


Ladies and gents, my ♥Vaporeon Pokedoll♥, purchased on eBay from sweetpigster for a whopping $22. Yes. Sweetpigster, apparently, second chance offers all their items that they have multiples of -- so although the actual auction for this guy went up to $40 something, I got it for my high bid of $22. I reccommend following this procedure yourself no less than nine million percent.

I'm so stoked, though -- she's so ridiculously soft, I'm actually _excited_ that my boyfriend won't be over tonight just so I can have some time to carry this around and snuggle with it like a retard. >w<;;
Tags: collection, plush, poliwhirl, vaporeon
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