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Rare I Love Eevee Die-Cut Promos Up for Trade/Offers

I've got a few promotional pieces from the first wave of the ILE line, and I'm gonna put them up for trade or offers for you lovely peeps! First, the necessary-

I was granted sales permission on March 14, 2015 by areica96!
You can also find my feedback here!
I'm looking to trade these items for any Latias or Latios stuff I don't have. My collection for them it still pretty small, so you're more than likely to have something that I dion't!

Now, the items in question.

-I'm taking offers on these, and once I either get an offer I like or someone offers me an item I want, I'll close the offers.
-I ship on Saturdays, as its the only time i can get to the post office
-Shipping within US would start at $3, and outside of US would be $5 and up

These were used as promotional pieces; stuck up to advertise in stores about the ILE line. The heart is in near mint condition with only a tiny rip (not even a rip, just a tiny bit of the paper was pulled off) on the back of it. It features Eevee and the (up to gen 5) eeveelutions in silhouette. Offers for it start at $10.

The Die Cut Eevee is in not as great condition; sadly it was like that already when my friend got it for me. He has a noticeable crease going from left to right, but is otherwise fine. Keep in mind this and the heart have tape residue on their backs, but it should'nt be a problem. Offers start at $5.

Thanks for reading, peeps! ( o w<)7 ~*
Tags: eevee, offers
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