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IM BACK! also SALES <3

hello everyone! :D i am back around!~ i was away for like 10 months! (gasp!) for military stuffs. and i was just lurking for a little because i was chaning station and stuffs. anywho!~ i have moved to ... wait for it.... JAPAN! :D and since i moved lol i went to the pokemon center yesterday! (and spent more then i was planning too.... ouch lamo)
Anywho i have some sales under the cut <3 they are all just extras i got from my attepts to get vappy and sylveon stuff. (T^T got vappy but not sylveon)
well here ya go <3

~ I was given sales permission by allinia on 3/24/14.
~ I ship from JAPAN (military)<3.
~ I will ship internationally (duh)
~ Prices do not include shipping unless otherwise stated.
~ I ship items whenever I can; I get off work at 4 and the post office closes at 5. (i also have a hubby who is home all the time so i can make him do it ask him to do it too)
~ Items will be shipped in Bubble mailers unless otherwise stated/requested (or of the item is just to big to fit haha)
~ I only accept PayPal please <3
~ All quotes are in USD <3)

~Because I am on a military base i pay the same USPS as if i was in the US for shipping! :)

~~ If you would like a quote, please make it clear you are asking for a quote.
~ Haggling is ok :) within reason.

Ditochu Putitto $9
 Flying Pikazard (x4) 9$ each
Happy Pikazard $9

Gatcha Pika (holds your papers <3) $9
Eeveelution Tins 12$ each (Glaceon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Eevee x2)
Eeveelution Rubber Straps $12 each (Jolteon, Eevee x2, Vaporeon, Espeon)
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