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Newest Goodies

Hey everyone good evening (morning) whatever time zone you're at ^^

As always I lurk and purchase, but I never come to show my collection that often. I got myself a lot of new goodies since my last update. I did get a new package yesterday so thought I can share some photos of them.


*Warning extra cuteness ahead (and image heavy)

Got a this one yesterday from Pokevault (actually almost everything I get is from Pokevault) XD

First off, the first line of the kuttari plushies. Couldn't afford all of them so I ended up getting the eeveeevolutions. All of them open eyes.

    The original trio

Size comparison with my hand

Their tag art is sooo cute X33
(Maybe this is why I prefer Japanese version more)

Belly Shot
Can't wait to get Espeon and Umbreon from the next batch.

Next up is the most recent monthly pikachu of August, "Sailor Pikachu." I have been collection the monthly pikas ever since they started to released them. I'm going to keep on collecting them till the very end. Definitely one of my personal favorite along with the July version.

I just love the artwork they use inside the tag ^^

Size comparison with the kuttari plushie

All of them up to date

I just love the artwork they use inside the tag ^^

Last but not least, an old classic that I'm sure everyone loves.

The newest release pkmncenter vulpix

Absolutely ADORABLE Face X3333

Amazing detail on the tails and paw pads

Size comparison with the canvas vers.

I'm definitely going to get mama ninetales for my next order. ^^

Thanks for looking/reading happy collecting everyone. ^^

Next up I hope to update my Lati@s collection ^^
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